Installing Vintage Hardwood Floors | Part Two


Installing Vintage Hardwood Floors | Style and the Suburbs

In part one, I shared how I installed vintage hardwood floors in my hallway. For those of you not keeping up, I salvaged hardwood flooring from a tear down house to match with the existing flooring in my house. That meant cutting each board out, stripping the nails, and sorting out boards that had been damaged or cut off.

Taking on the living room was a much bigger process. After weeks of measuring, squaring, and then ripping up carpet and the plywood sub floor, we put down new tar paper, marked out the studs to nail into, and started flooring.

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Installing Vintage Hardwood Floors | Part One


When I bought my house, most of the flooring was covered in beige carpeting (an interior designer’s nightmare). One of the bedrooms had the hardwood floor exposed and although it wasn’t in the best of condition, I knew it could be re-sanded. When I finally had access to the house and went to rip up the carpet, I was heartbroken to find that the bedrooms and all of the closets in the house had hardwood floors, but the hallway and living room did not.

After coming to terms with the fact that I would wait until my house was paid off and then save up to install the floors, I lived with the awful carpet and tried to work around it. Then, in a match made in remodel heaven, I had the opportunity to rip the exact same vintage red oak flooring out of a house that was being torn down. And by rip, I mean we literally cut the nails underneath the floor to pull up the boards without damaging them. For over 500 square feet of flooring.

We then had to use a punch to remove the nails one by one and note if any of the end groves had been cut. I also measured each board and noted its length on a piece of tape and stacked the wood by size in my basement. Sounds like absolute madness right? But just wait!

We started adding the flooring in my hallway after ripping the carpet and sub floor. Luckily the house had been set up for the hardwood floor so we just had to continue out from the bedroom doorway. A few of the door frames had to be cut so we could slip the boards under without any gaping. We also had to add a transition board to the back bedroom and closet where the flooring wouldn’t have lined up.

At some points we were sliding rows in that we’re the exact distance from the bedroom to the closet without any gaps in the rows. This is where heaving the measurements on the boards came in pretty handy!

After a few weekends of working and hiring a professional to come sand it, you could barely tell the floor wasn’t installed in 1950 with the rest of the house.

And then it was on to the living room..



Cheap Chic: My Favorite Decor Finds

If you can’t tell already, I love finding inexpensive ways to update my decor. With the money I save, I am able to blend the cheap chic pieces with more expensive items that I really want. I’ve collected some great finds over the past few years and wanted to share my favorites.

Rustic Wood Basket:

My mom used it to store tools in her garage and was going to throw it away. I love it to stack up my throw blankets in next to the fireplace.

Cheap Chic: My Favorite Decor Finds   jenniferrobertusdesign

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