Yard Goals

After owning my home for a few years, I’ve finally created the best yard on the block. It’s taken a lot of work to clean out overgrown gardens, plant new flowers, update landscaping, and rid the lawn of weeds.

Maintenance each year includes putting in new colored mulch (which I freshen up a few times during the summer), spraying weeds in the lawn once a week, watering, then lots of mowing. I try to water in the mornings when the lawn is still cool, but its hard to do with my schedule, so I usually just end up moving the sprinkler around all weekend long.

Most of my flower gardens are maintenance-free other than a little bit of weeding and pruning. The colored hydrangeas require a lot of water and a soil acidifier a few times each spring and summer. My side garden is full of colorful booms that change throughout the summer. Its perfect for making pretty bouquets!

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A Feminine Spring Wedding

This past weekend, we celebrated my brothers wedding on a beautiful, sunny spring day. The wedding was at a historic little church built in the 1800’s and had a pretty feminine theme. Apparently, its very hard to be a bridesmaid and capture all the moments of the day, but I guess that’s why you should leave photos to the professionals. 🙂

I’m happy to share a few moments from the day with you all!

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Decorating with Vintage Pieces

Home Decor: Mixing Old and New | Style and the Suburbs

I don’t have a way to describe my decor other than trying to stick to a freshened midcentury look without getting too modern. When I first bought my house, I didn’t have a lot of money for decor (I was 23 years old okay!). I inherited a lot of beautiful antique items from my grandma and did what I can to decorate with them. Over the years, these items have become a part of my personal style and I love how they have meaning to me other than just as decor pieces.

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Spring Decor Inspo

I feel like post-Christmas is the most awkward time of year for home decor. Its always sad (yet refreshing) to take down all of the holiday decor, but I never know what to replace it with. It feels to early for spring decor, but who decorates for valentines day?

This year I went for a minimal look with a few hints of spring as a refresh after all of the holiday decor. I may have gone a little overboard on the fake flowers, but there is still snow outside so its all I can do for now!

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Dreaming of an 1800’s Christmas

Last weekend I toured the historic Burwell House in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The house was built in the late 1800’s and has been preserved and restored to be historically accurate. The workmanship and interior of the house are stunning. It was even more beautiful since it was decorated for Christmas (and they gave me apple cider!). I’ve been going all out in Christmas decor the past few years but I’m feeling so inspired by the simplicity. And those beautiful textiles… #hearteyes

Burwell Historic Mansion | Style and the SuburbsBurwell Historic Mansion | Style and the SuburbsBurwell Historic Mansion | Style and the Suburbsimg_3817Burwell Historic Mansion | Style and the SuburbsBurwell Historic Mansion | Style and the SuburbsBurwell Historic Mansion | Style and the Suburbs