Simple Rustic Christmas Decor

This year, I was so excited to decorate for Christmas and started decorating right after I took down my Halloween decorations. I ended up purchasing a lot of decorations on clearance after Christmas last year and its always a fun … Continue reading

Decorating with Vintage Pieces

Home Decor: Mixing Old and New | Style and the Suburbs

I don’t have a way to describe my decor other than trying to stick to a freshened midcentury look without getting too modern. When I first bought my house, I didn’t have a lot of money for decor (I was 23 years old okay!). I inherited a lot of beautiful antique items from my grandma and did what I can to decorate with them. Over the years, these items have become a part of my personal style and I love how they have meaning to me other than just as decor pieces.

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Spring Decor Inspo

I feel like post-Christmas is the most awkward time of year for home decor. Its always sad (yet refreshing) to take down all of the holiday decor, but I never know what to replace it with. It feels to early for spring decor, but who decorates for valentines day?

This year I went for a minimal look with a few hints of spring as a refresh after all of the holiday decor. I may have gone a little overboard on the fake flowers, but there is still snow outside so its all I can do for now!

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