What I’m Loving: Kitchen Wall Color Inspo

I’ve recently talked about my big kitchen remodel, but one of the smaller tasks is changing out my wall color. Right now, it is a retro mint green color, which I actually really love. But, I feel like my house started to become a hodge podge of colors between each room after I did my first round of painting after purchasing my house.

As I’ve done overhauls in each room, I’ve been toning down the color a little bit. I actually stuck close to my original palette, but just found a grayer, softer version of each color that refreshes and ties everything together more. My advice when painting a room is that the color is always going to be double as bold as you think it will be, so maybe take a step down from what you think you’ll like.


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Picking the Best Paint Color for a Room

Choosing paint colors can be an overwhelming task and a really big commitment if you end up not liking how the color turns out. In my time as a product designer and DIY-loving homeowner, I’ve learned a few things about color that can make a big difference when choosing the right color for a room.

When choosing a color hue, think about the furniture and accents that you currently have. Will they still look good with a new color or will you have to replace everything? Its also important to think about the other paint colors in your house. Will this color be a sharp contrast? The trick I use for my house is to keep all of the colors at a similar saturation level. Even though my rooms vary from mint green, to purple, to periwinkle, they all have a similar pastel level and gray tone to them which makes them feel consistent. I also balance out the different colors by having a gray living room and hallway that anchors it all.

Once you decide the type of color you want, I suggest going to the paint store and taking color swatches in a range of that color. I literally take every possible shade and even similar colors, even if I don’t think they are quite right. The way color reads is very dependent on light and what other colors are around it, so you shouldn’t make a choice based on the colors in the store.

Picking the Best Paint Color for a Room | Style & the Suburbs

Bring the swatches into the room you want to paint and see how they look against the floor and trim in the room. My house has a lot of oak wood that reads more yellow. The current peach that I have in my bedroom looked really pretty on a swatch, but looks so yellow in the room, so my goal is to go with a bluer pink to cool it down.

As I mentioned before, the way color reads is very dependent on light, and what is around it. The top color on this swatch looks super light when looking at it, but look how different it reads against my wall. If I just chose the color in the store, it would have looked way darker than I wanted when it was on my wall. This is why its helpful to grab a range of swatches, even if you don’t think they look right in the store.

After looking at swatches in the room lighting, I narrow to the few that I like best and then tape them individually to the wall. Color can look different when the room light is on vs. daylight or even at different times of the day, so I keep them up for a few days to note the changes in appearance. Some people even buy samples of paint colors and paint them on the wall to help make this choice because it is hard to visualize with a small swatch.

After looking at these swatches for a few days, I actually decided that they were reading too pink for what I wanted, so I’m going to do more of a gray tone with just a hint of pink. I’m  going to custom make my color based on what I’m looking for because I always have to be super high maintenance! I’m also scraping the popcorn texture off the ceiling in this room, so I will be sure to update with before and after photos when I’m finished!

Hopefully this helps minimize any future color nightmares!

Cheap Chic: My Favorite Decor Finds

If you can’t tell already, I love finding inexpensive ways to update my decor. With the money I save, I am able to blend the cheap chic pieces with more expensive items that I really want. I’ve collected some great finds over the past few years and wanted to share my favorites.

Rustic Wood Basket:

My mom used it to store tools in her garage and was going to throw it away. I love it to stack up my throw blankets in next to the fireplace.

Cheap Chic: My Favorite Decor Finds   jenniferrobertusdesign

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DIY Rustic Flag & Porch Remodel Inspiration

In addition to fashion and home decor, my biggest passion in life is football. It’s the just the best, and explains why I accomplish nothing on the weekends from August to February.

One of my favorite players, JJ Watt recently posted a picture of his defensive player of the year (should have been MVP) award with an awesome rustic wooden flag hanging in the background.

Since it was a non-football season Saturday, I decided making one that looked like it would be my weekend project.

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DIY Gold Dipped Table

Do it yourself gold dipped table tutorial. Easy DIY! Jenniferrobertusdesign.wordpress.com

I’ve been on a great journey to remodel my basement into a more livable space. When I bought my house, it was just sort of giant and empty with lots of spiders. I’ve been chipping away at it as I find good deals on pieces and materials– it’s hard for me to justify spending a lot on rooms I don’t use every day! With a basement it’s so easy to just leave the project when you’re sick of working on it and not have to sit and look at what you’re not done with.

I decided to create a gym/’mancave’ in the entry room to the basement. Mancave is the working title–any ideas on what to call rooms where single girls watch lots of football? I’ve been collecting vintage Minnesota football items as inspiration for the room. I’m hoping it makes the room a little more chic/ a little less beer commercial.

I’ve done everything from stripping paint of cabinets, to building walls, and installing 500 square feet of tile floors in the basement, but one of the easiest little projects I did was a gold dipped table to use as a stand for a tv.

I wanted some sort of stand to place the tv for my gym on but I didn’t want it to take up too much space. (I obviously need lots of open space in the gym I don’t actually use…). I checked out target looking for a deal on side tables with no luck, so my next option was to raid my parents house for something to ‘borrow’.  I found this little raw wood table under a tablecloth and negotiated my way into taking it home.

I decided to paint it a clean white to keep things simple, but noticed my collection of gold spray paint as I was grabbing the paint can. I thought it would be fun to add a little pop of gold on the bottom of the table legs.

Here’s how to make it:

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