What I’m Loving: Kitchen Wall Color Inspo

I’ve recently talked about my big kitchen remodel, but one of the smaller tasks is changing out my wall color. Right now, it is a retro mint green color, which I actually really love. But, I feel like my house started to become a hodge podge of colors between each room after I did my first round of painting after purchasing my house.

As I’ve done overhauls in each room, I’ve been toning down the color a little bit. I actually stuck close to my original palette, but just found a grayer, softer version of each color that refreshes and ties everything together more. My advice when painting a room is that the color is always going to be double as bold as you think it will be, so maybe take a step down from what you think you’ll like.


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Kitchen Remodel Update

I’ve made a lot of progress the past few weeks on my kitchen remodel plan. I’ve gotten estimates from a few contractors and made a decision on where I will purchase my counters and who will install them. What was most important to me was to find someone who would let me do the parts of the work that I can (removing the old counters, installing the new sink), which freed up money to spend on materials. Some people were not willing to work that way, but there’s no way I’m paying someone $200 to put a sink in!

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Kitchen Remodel Plan

Next on my list of remodel goals is my kitchen. This has been pretty far back on the list due to it being so expensive! My thought on this has been to save up for what I really want so that I only have to do it once, so I have begun the process of assessing wants and the costs of them.

My kitchen today:


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Removing Popcorn Texture From Ceilings

Ever since I bought my house, I’ve hated the popcorn texture on the ceilings. Its not original to the house, and I don’t understand why anyone would cover plaster ceilings with terrible texture. It makes it super hard to paint around and I ended up painting most of the ceiling edges of my walls with a q-tip! #perfectionistproblems

I’ve heard from many people that the popcorn is pretty easy to take down, but I was always a little scared it would destroy the ceiling trying to take it down. I’ve finally begun my kitchen remodel and really, really wanted to get the texture off the kitchen ceiling before doing anything else.

Removing Popcorn Texture from Ceilings DIY | Style and the Suburbs

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Mid-Century Kitchen Remodel Update

Mid-century Kitchen Remodel Update | Style and the Suburbs

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Faux Stainless Appliance Hack

I recently began my kitchen remodel that I have been dreaming of since I bought my house. The project will be done in steps (aka as I can afford them!). Last month I FINALLY upgraded my pretty ugly 1980’s fridge to a shiny new stainless steel one. It was quite a hunt to find a fridge that fit in the existing cupboards, but my new model ended up giving me a little more space, which is an interior design miracle, if you ask me.

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