Blogger Office Mini Makeover

I started this post with the intention of a Marie Kondo-inspired organization overhaul, but I realized that my house is already pretty organized (SORRY!). My organization kick did inspire me to clean up my home office, get rid of some clutter, and give it a refreshed look.

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How to Style a Simple Pretty Bedroom

I believe its really important to create a peaceful and calming bedroom as a place to recharge after sometimes chaotic days. Its hard not to let a bedroom become a catch all room where you just close the door when guests come over but with these tips, you can create your own zen space in your home.

How to Style a Simple Pretty Bedroom | Style & the Suburbs

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Home Office Makeover Reveal

My latest DIY project has been remodeling my home office / guest bedroom. The biggest part of the project was removing the popcorn texture from the ceilings, but I also wanted to take the time to freshen up the room and make it more functional.


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Guest Bedroom Remodel

As I mentioned before, the next room on my great popcorn ceiling texture removal project is the guest bedroom. Since removing the popcorn involves painting the ceiling and touching up the walls, I’ve decided to also update the entire room.

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