What I’m Loving: July

July. Hi summer. Now is time to enjoy the long summer days and to follow your own path. Remember to take care of you this season and don’t let the summer pass you by without accomplishing something you want in your life.

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Here is a collection of what I’m loving this month, and a few of my summer goals that I want to work on.

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What I’m Loving: January

Happy belated new years! As cheesy as new year’s resolutions are, I like to embrace this time of new beginnings. It’s not just exercise your body into looking a certain way. It’s not just to do things because people expect it of you. How do you want to evolve this year? What dreams do you have that you’ve never gone after? what if you started making baby steps towards it this year? What’s in your way?

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New Years Resolutions

Looking back on 2017, I did a good job of setting yearly and monthly goals. I’ve found that writing out goals, making a plan, and reminding yourself of the plan helps hold yourself accountable. It’s so easy to start out a new year with the best intentions, but it takes a lot of work to keep up with the things you promise yourself!

Most of my goals revolve around a bigger training plan for running, but I also love setting little monthly goals like “eat more veggies”, “eat less sugar at breakfast”, or “don’t shop online this month”. You really can do anything for just one month!

New Years Resolutions | Style & the Suburbs

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