Is it Fall Yet?

This weekend I finally pulled the trigger and went full-on fall decorating. Between chilly running weather, football, and my caramel apple spice drinks from Starbucks, it’s my favorite season. I’m loving copper tones this year, mixed with cozy mohairs and preppy plaids. I picked up a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers mixed with and purple flowers that make the prettiest color pallete!

I’m also so happy to finally have the carpet off my front steps (future blog post, I promise!).

What are you most excited about for fall??

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How to Care for Hydrangeas


If you follow my Instagram feed, you’ll know how much I love hydrangeas. My yard was full of white hydrangeas when I bought my house, but I wanted to add more color when I redid the landscaping last year.

I found beautiful blue hydrangea plants at my local plant store and planted them in front of my house. In order to turn the blooms blue, you need to add a soil acidifier to water and pour it on the plants. I do this a couple times in the spring before the plants bloom. Sometimes the leaves start to turn brown, so I give them a little more throughout the summer.

The blue hydrangeas are also very temperature and water sensitive and wilt when it gets too dry or hot (don’t we all?). The front of my house gets a lot of sun so I have to water them almost every day in the summer. It’s interesting that one of the plants is more shaded and had grown bigger and more blue than the one directly in the sun.

Over the freezing Minnesota winter, I covered the plants in leaves and burlap and they survived just fine. The plants have come back double the size this year.

I recently added a pink/purple hydrangea to my garden and can’t wait to see what the color turns out to be!


Guest Post: DIY Succulent Planters

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little blog MIA lately. I just started a new job and have been busy working on big projects for future blog posts (the 600 square feet of vintage hardwood floor pieces are now sorted by the inch in my basement..). But lucky for you, my adorable friend Britni agreed to do a guest post!

Check out her DIY for trendy succulent planters:

If you have a hard time keeping indoor plants and flowers alive like I do, succulents are the answer to all of your green thumb problems. Not only are these little guys one of the easiest plants to take care of, they can live in just about anything and added bonus – they are super cute! Here is a quick and low-cost tutorial on DIY succulent planters to add a fun summer vibe to your place.

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