Superbowl Week Highlights

Minneapolis hosted the superbowl over the past weekend and turned the city into a football wonderland. Although I was still bitter that my Vikings did not make the superbowl, it was still fun being the host city. The “superbowl live” area was set up just outside of my work with all sorts of winter activities and media broadcasts.

Superbowl Weekend Recap | Style & the Suburbs

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Minneapolis Superbowl Week Guide

Happy Superbowl week! Although I am still entirely bitter that my Minnesota Vikings did not make the Superbowl this year (again), but we are hosting the Superbowl this year which is exciting. If any of you are lucky enough to go to the Superbowl or are just visiting, I thought I would make a little Minneapolis tips guide to help you with your visit.

For those of you hosting your own Superbowl party, check out my party guide here!

Minneapolis Superbowl Week Guide | Style & the Suburbs


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Game Day Essentials

Just a few short weeks until football season kicks off. This year is a big year for my city of Minneapolis because we are hosting the Super Bowl this year! (And we also plan to win it– just throwing that out there). As a fan of both football and fashion, I am here to share my one expertise: what to wear on game day!

The keys to a stylish and fun game day experience are dressing for the elements, remembering comfort, and showing team spirit. I live in Minnesota, so game day temperatures can range from 90 degrees to 20 below (I am proud to say that I attended the 3rd coldest game in NFL history– literally wore a battery operated heater vest!). Now that our stadium is indoors, it makes planning outfits a lot easier.

Game Day Essentials | Style & the Suburbs
The cold never bothered us anyways.

Here are my top essentials for game day:

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Basement Remodel Reveal!

When I first moved into my house, my basement was a pretty scary place with dated tile, unfinished ceilings, and wood paneling walls covered in industrial shelves.

Basement Mancave Home Gym Remodel | Style and the Suburbs

Over the past few years, I’ve painted, added carpeting, and stripped the paint off of the cabinets to make the room more livable but still didn’t love it. I’ve been using my basement as a home gym and spending a lot of time there during the cold Minnesota winters, so it was a priority to refresh it into a usable space.

Goals for the remodel were: new ceiling, new lighting (and updated electric), painting walls, and tiling the floor. We wanted to work from the top down, and started with the ceiling. After installing drywall board, mudding, taping, sanding, and repeating, the ceiling looked flawless after being primed and painted.

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Super Bowl Party Ideas

If you follow my instagram feed, you may know my passion for all things football. Every year I have a super Bowl Party with the goal of the perfect party spread.

My talented friends and I work very hard to construct the menu based on our teams colors and spend a lot of time picking the right 2 colored sprinkles out of the rainbow sprinkle jar.

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DIY Rustic Flag & Porch Remodel Inspiration

In addition to fashion and home decor, my biggest passion in life is football. It’s the just the best, and explains why I accomplish nothing on the weekends from August to February.

One of my favorite players, JJ Watt recently posted a picture of his defensive player of the year (should have been MVP) award with an awesome rustic wooden flag hanging in the background.

Since it was a non-football season Saturday, I decided making one that looked like it would be my weekend project.

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