Touchdown Football Cake DIY

I’m usually not a big baker/pinterest craft kind of person (my talents lie in installing ceilings and floors more than the finer crafts..). But, when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday, I go all out. Every year, I try to top myself with the best football-themed snacks.

This year, I offered to make a dessert for the party I was attending. I saw a couple of cute ideas for football field cakes on pinterest, but decided to do my own spin on one. My friends and I all went to the Minneapolis Miracle playoff game a few weeks prior to the Super Bowl and that was really the only thing we still had to celebrate at that point. (Sad).

I decided to make the Minneapolis Miracle in cake form, including cookie versions of the players and it turned out so cute! This idea could work for different sports (hockey, basketball, volleyball) and would be perfect for a birthday party or team celebration.

Touchdown Football Sports Field Cake DIY | Style & the Suburbs

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Style + The City: Fall Travel in Chicago

Chicago is only a quick hour flight from my home in Minneapolis and is a great city for inspiration, shopping, and eating. I recently spent a few days there to do some fall shopping and to enjoy the beautiful city.

Style + The City: Fall Travel in Chicago | Style & the Suburbs

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Healthy Apple Cake Recipe Review

First things first, I am not a cook. Or baker. But since I’ve become more serious about running, I’ve really focused on trying to eat better (real) food. Its pretty easy to create healthy meals and snacks like my amazing banana oat cookies, but desserts get pretty tricky– especially for holidays.

In a quest to make a healthier dessert, I found this recipe over at Amy’s Healthy Baking for healthy apple cake. I will caution that a lot of the “healthy” baking options out there only focus on one or two substitutes in the recipe and are often still really high in sugar or fat. I liked this recipe because it used wheat flour and not a lot of butter or sugar.  Continue reading “Healthy Apple Cake Recipe Review”

Saving Time and Money with Healthy Meal Prep

Saving Time and Money with Healthy Meal Prep | Style & the Suburbs

I received a few questions about my meal prep routine after sharing on Instagram. Before I became a runner I used to eat a lot of not-so-good food during the week, because I was terrible at packing breakfasts and lunches. As I’ve become more focused on my running goals, nutrition has become more important so I spend every Sunday packing my breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for the week.

Meal prepping not only helps me eat healthier, but it saves a lot of money and stress during the week too. All I have to do is wake up and toss my meal in my bag!

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Springs

The Best of Spring Roundup | Style & the Suburbs

(Okay I’m a little embarrassed by that title but it’s cute right!)

It’s Easter weekend which is one of my favorite holidays for decorating– so much pink! Everything is new again and the flowers are *almost* ready to bloom in my front yard! I’ve gathered a few of my favorite things about this spring to share with you.

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