Simple Rustic Christmas Decor

This year, I was so excited to decorate for Christmas and started decorating right after I took down my Halloween decorations. I ended up purchasing a lot of decorations on clearance after Christmas last year and its always a fun … Continue reading

Spring Decor Inspo

I feel like post-Christmas is the most awkward time of year for home decor. Its always sad (yet refreshing) to take down all of the holiday decor, but I never know what to replace it with. It feels to early for spring decor, but who decorates for valentines day?

This year I went for a minimal look with a few hints of spring as a refresh after all of the holiday decor. I may have gone a little overboard on the fake flowers, but there is still snow outside so its all I can do for now!

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Is it Fall Yet?

This weekend I finally pulled the trigger and went full-on fall decorating. Between chilly running weather, football, and my caramel apple spice drinks from Starbucks, it’s my favorite season. I’m loving copper tones this year, mixed with cozy mohairs and preppy plaids. I picked up a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers mixed with and purple flowers that make the prettiest color pallete!

I’m also so happy to finally have the carpet off my front steps (future blog post, I promise!).

What are you most excited about for fall??

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Installing Vintage Hardwood Floors | Part Two


Installing Vintage Hardwood Floors | Style and the Suburbs

In part one, I shared how I installed vintage hardwood floors in my hallway. For those of you not keeping up, I salvaged hardwood flooring from a tear down house to match with the existing flooring in my house. That meant cutting each board out, stripping the nails, and sorting out boards that had been damaged or cut off.

Taking on the living room was a much bigger process. After weeks of measuring, squaring, and then ripping up carpet and the plywood sub floor, we put down new tar paper, marked out the studs to nail into, and started flooring.

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Live Beautifully


I was recently inspired to re-launch my blog to better connect with other inspirational people. My new life motto is to live beautifully, which to me means to make healthy choices on how I treat my body, to work hard and appreciate the little things, and to inspire those around me. Much of this blog is dedicated to making your home a beautiful space, but I hope you see the love and passion that goes into it.

I hope you will join in and help me stay inspired! Where do you pull inspiration from? How do you live beautifully?

Guest Post: DIY Succulent Planters

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little blog MIA lately. I just started a new job and have been busy working on big projects for future blog posts (the 600 square feet of vintage hardwood floor pieces are now sorted by the inch in my basement..). But lucky for you, my adorable friend Britni agreed to do a guest post!

Check out her DIY for trendy succulent planters:

If you have a hard time keeping indoor plants and flowers alive like I do, succulents are the answer to all of your green thumb problems. Not only are these little guys one of the easiest plants to take care of, they can live in just about anything and added bonus – they are super cute! Here is a quick and low-cost tutorial on DIY succulent planters to add a fun summer vibe to your place.

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5 Tips To Make Your Home More Inviting

I always tell people that the goal of my house is to make it look like no one lives there. Extreme? Maybe. But you never know when HGTV is going to show up at your door. If you don’t have the time to keep everything looking perfect, here are some easy tips to create a more inviting space.

1. Make your bed every day. I know it takes a whole 2 minutes that you don’t have, but take the time and add it into your morning routine. It makes your room look put together, which can make you feel less stressed throughout the day. And it’s so much nicer to go to sleep in a nicely made bed than a mess of blankets.

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Cheap Chic: My Favorite Decor Finds

If you can’t tell already, I love finding inexpensive ways to update my decor. With the money I save, I am able to blend the cheap chic pieces with more expensive items that I really want. I’ve collected some great finds over the past few years and wanted to share my favorites.

Rustic Wood Basket:

My mom used it to store tools in her garage and was going to throw it away. I love it to stack up my throw blankets in next to the fireplace.

Cheap Chic: My Favorite Decor Finds   jenniferrobertusdesign

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