Blue Apron Meal Service Review

I was recently chatting with a friend about how difficult it is to grocery shop and cook for one person without being wasteful. I get sick of eating the same thing, so I usually keep meals simple, like salads or single servings of vegetables. My friend suggested trying Blue Apron, a meal delivery service and was able to send me a free trial offer.

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Healthy Apple Cake Recipe Review

First things first, I am not a cook. Or baker. But since I’ve become more serious about running, I’ve really focused on trying to eat better (real) food. Its pretty easy to create healthy meals and snacks like my amazing banana oat cookies, but desserts get pretty tricky– especially for holidays.

In a quest to make a healthier dessert, I found this recipe over at Amy’s Healthy Baking for healthy apple cake. I will caution that a lot of the “healthy” baking options out there only focus on one or two substitutes in the recipe and are often still really high in sugar or fat. I liked this recipe because it used wheat flour and not a lot of butter or sugar.  Continue reading “Healthy Apple Cake Recipe Review”

Faux Stainless Appliance Hack

I recently began my kitchen remodel that I have been dreaming of since I bought my house. The project will be done in steps (aka as I can afford them!). Last month I FINALLY upgraded my pretty ugly 1980’s fridge to a shiny new stainless steel one. It was quite a hunt to find a fridge that fit in the existing cupboards, but my new model ended up giving me a little more space, which is an interior design miracle, if you ask me.

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Kitchen Remodel Inspiration

After slowly remodeling each room in my house, I’ve finally gotten to my kitchen. I’ve waited on this remodel because I knew it was going to be the priciest and like every project, I want to do it right and with quality materials so it lasts.

My parents knew the woman who built my house back in 1950 and she told them stories of how her husband was mad at the people who installed the birch cupboards because some of the doors have seams in them. Because I’m sure there are 5 foot wide birch trees just hanging out everywhere! The cupboards have never been refinished or painted (sorry everyone who paints everything white, stay away from my kitchen), and are beautiful solid wood that has lasted over 60 years.

Someone cut a spot for a dishwasher (looking at you previous owners), and I am determined to find someone who can take it out and patch in the spot because it just doesn’t visually fit the kitchen.

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Super Bowl Party Ideas

If you follow my instagram feed, you may know my passion for all things football. Every year I have a super Bowl Party with the goal of the perfect party spread.

My talented friends and I work very hard to construct the menu based on our teams colors and spend a lot of time picking the right 2 colored sprinkles out of the rainbow sprinkle jar.

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Healthy Banana Oat Cookies

I’ve been trying to make healthy choices when it comes to food to support my running. I’m not a very good cook but I do what I can! After pinning lots of ‘healthy cookie’ recipes, I came up with my own version with ingredients that I had in my pantry.


-2 medium ripe bananas
-3 packets of instant oatmeal
-1/4 cup steel cut oats
– 2 tbsp dark chocolate chips, walnuts, cranberries or other favorite mix ins

I start with mashing 2 medium sized ripe bananas until their a soft consistency. I add in 3 packets of instant oatmeal. I’ve been using cinnamon apple which tastes amazing, but you could use any kind you want. I also add in 1/4 cup of steel cut oats to add a little more thickness. I mix the oats and bananas until they have a doughy consistency and then add a few dark chocolate chips and chopped walnuts. You could also add cranberries, other nuts, or any other favorite cookie mix in.

I put rounded spoonfuls on a non-stick cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes and remove from the pan after baking to cool. I refrigerate after cooking for up to 4 days, otherwise I freeze the rest (if there are any left!). They make a great treat for lunch packing or late night snacking!


Do you have any favorite healthy cookie recipes? Leave a comment below and share!