Spring Cleaning Checklist

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, its nice to take some time to refresh your life. For me, this also means taking some time to reduce clutter and clean my home. After putting holiday decorations away, its the perfect time to tackle a major cleaning list.

My advice is to go room by room, maybe doing only one room per day in order to break it up. This way you can really focus on a deep clean and reorganization. Taking time now will only set you up for a less chaotic and stressful year ahead!

To help you with your spring cleaning endeavor, I’ve made a handy printable checklist! Nothing feels better than checking off a list as you accomplish your tasks! Click the download button to get the high res file!

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Gentle Resolutions for 2021

2020 didn’t turn out the way any of us had planned and my guess is that you have at least one goal that had to fall by the way side. Ask me how dating this year went LOL! I think that its really important to give yourself grace and pat yourself on the back for just surviving the year. The new year might seem like the time to make aggressive goals to get yourself back on track, but those life changing resolutions often fail.

Instead, I like to make small changes that I can build upon over time. I think of it like tiny bricks– one brick doesn’t make a big difference but adding brick by brick can build anything! Instead of a crash diet you force yourself to do for 30 days before going back to the same eating habits, what if you tried changing what you eat for breakfast each day to a healthier option? This change is much more sustainable and can end up making a greater impact over the course of a year than a few weeks of extremes.

Image via Pinterest

Start with one or two of these gentle resolutions, and then try to build upon them each month. You’ll build better habits that will only grow with time!

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iPhone 12 Pro Review

A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded to the iphone 12 pro. I’m normally one who holds out with my old phones as long as possible because I prefer to pay cash up front for them and then just keep them. I was still using an iphone 8 and I was long overdue for a new one.

I attempted to buy the iphone 12 from Verizon, but they ended up charging me twice for it, then couldn’t refund me without cancelling the order. Once they did that, it refunded one charge but I never got refunded for the second charge. It took over 3 weeks of daily contact with their customer service, starting an investigation with my bank, and the better business bureau to get them to refund me the second charge. The worst part is that they offered me $20 as an apology for keeping $800 from me for almost a month, and tried to blame my bank for giving them the money.

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My Bright and Cheerful Holiday Décor

I recently shared my holiday mantle decorations, but finally got around to decorating the rest of my home for Christmas! Getting a tree is one of my favorite parts of the season, even though its extra work and sometimes a huge mess! The first year that I got a live tree, I didn’t know to make a fresh cut at the bottom of it, and it completely dried out before Christmas. If you so much as touched it, a bunch of needles came falling down!

Now I’ve learned my lesson to make a fresh cut and to make sure it always has a lot of water (hydration is key for you and your Christmas tree!). I also finally got around to decorating my kitchen! I like adding a little bit of holiday cheer to each room in the house to make it feel special– especially now that we’re spending so much time at home!

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Mini Kitchen Makeover

I recently did a little mini kitchen makeover. I haven’t updated anything since my remodel a few years back, and I felt like it was time for a little refresh. The refresh was also sped up by a little accident. A few months ago, we were trying to patch chipped paint on the ceiling, and with a gentle bump, my light fixture fell to the floor and shattered! I’m still finding pieces of glass in my kitchen to this day!

So after searching for a new light fixture that I loved, it felt like a good time to refresh a couple of other things as well!

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Holiday DIY Ideas that You’ll Actually Use

Everyone loves a DIY project, but have you ever finished one and then tucked it away because it just wasn’t quite what you wanted? Or maybe you’re like me and have had total pinterest fails, where the project just ends up in the trash!

This year, we’re spending even more time at home, and its the perfect time to work on some DIY decorations that you’ll actually love. I compiled a round up of DIY projects that aren’t terribly difficult, but will also leave you with an end product you’ll love! Keep reading for my favorite projects!

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