Mini Kitchen Makeover

I recently did a little mini kitchen makeover. I haven’t updated anything since my remodel a few years back, and I felt like it was time for a little refresh. The refresh was also sped up by a little accident. A few months ago, we were trying to patch chipped paint on the ceiling, and with a gentle bump, my light fixture fell to the floor and shattered! I’m still finding pieces of glass in my kitchen to this day!

So after searching for a new light fixture that I loved, it felt like a good time to refresh a couple of other things as well!

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Free Family Christmas Activity Printables

Since Christmas gatherings might look much different for your family this year, I wanted to create a couple fun activities to do with your loved ones. Whether in person, or over a zoom call, these are a fun way for everyone to reflect and share what makes the season so special. I can’t wait to do these with my own family during our Christmas eve celebration!

Remember to hit download in order to get the high-res printable version!

Happy (and healthy) holidays from my family to yours!

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Holiday DIY Ideas that You’ll Actually Use

Everyone loves a DIY project, but have you ever finished one and then tucked it away because it just wasn’t quite what you wanted? Or maybe you’re like me and have had total pinterest fails, where the project just ends up in the trash!

This year, we’re spending even more time at home, and its the perfect time to work on some DIY decorations that you’ll actually love. I compiled a round up of DIY projects that aren’t terribly difficult, but will also leave you with an end product you’ll love! Keep reading for my favorite projects!

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My Favorite Free Ways to Stay Active Without a Gym

Like many states, Minnesota has recently gone on a stricter lock down, closing all gyms for at least a month. Before the pandemic, I was a regular at a boutique fitness studio that combined running and strength for fun HIIT workouts. Unfortunately, there really wasn’t a safe way to conduct those type of workouts now and the gym recently closed for good.

Because I have high risk family members, I have been mostly staying home this entire year. As someone who loves fitness, I’ve tried to be creative with how to challenge myself. More recently, with a knee injury, I’ve had to get even more creative with my workouts! I wanted to share my favorite go-to’s in order to keep staying active during this really challenging time.

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My Cheerful and Festive Holiday Mantle

This year, it seems widely accepted that everyone wants to decorate for the holidays early. I love scrolling social media and seeing everyone’s cheerful and happy spaces. For my holiday decor this year, I wanted to ensure it felt really bright and special, especially now that I spend most of my time at home!

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Free Thanksgiving Activity and Placecard Printables

Thanksgiving might look different this year with smaller family celebrations. It’s a great time to reflect on quality family time, instead of just going through the motions. One way to add a little bit of festivity to your get-together is a fun “this or that” game (that is thanksgiving themed of course!).

Print enough copies for everyone to fill out their answers, and then have fun comparing and debating the best parts of the day! I’ve also created coordinating placecard holders to make each person feel special at the meal.

Don’t forget to click the “download’ button to get the high-res printable version.

Happy Thanksgiving from Style & the Suburbs!

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