Ottoman Refresh DIY

One project hat I have been meaning to redo for a while are a pair of bright coral ottomans that I bought a few years back. I got them for a good deal and used them at the end of my bed for a while, but they have been sitting in my guest bedroom for a while, covered in a throw blanket. The bright color isn’t really in style anymore and definitely don’t work in my home anymore.

I wanted to reupholster them, but because the cris-cross legs are also fabric covered, it wasn’t as easy as just covering it with new fabric. One day, I was playing around with how I could cover them and realized it would pretty easy to remove the legs and just replace them!

After a quick online search, I found perfect turned wood legs in a pretty raw pine. They were pretty inexpensive, but added up because I needed to buy 8 of them. I just needed to remove the old legs from the stools, attach these, and then recover in a new fabric!

Image via Lowes

For the new fabric, I wanted to keep it really bright and simple so that the stools were more timeless. I also need a fabric that was thick enough to cover the super bright color on the ottomans. I decided to use a gray upholstery fabric that has some color variation in the yarns. I also thought this fabric looked really pretty with the turned legs.

To dismantle the old stools, I cut open the backing fabric and unscrewed the leg attachments. It was really easy to take them apart! I realized that if I set the new legs into the existing backing, it would be difficult to attach and would make the legs look a little short, since it was recessed in. I decided to attach the legs to little wooden blocks, and then just screw the blocks into the base.

Before attaching, I used a water base, clear varnish over the legs. Once they dried, I attached with screws and wood glue to ensure they were really secure.

It was then time to upholster! I started on one end of the stool and attached the fabric to the back with a staple gun. I then measured how much I would need and cut the fabric, before stapling into the other side. I then worked in the other direction, being sure to pull it really tight, and neatly tuck the corners. Its probably not the best upholstery job ever done, but its all hidden!

The new stools turned out really cute and I’m so happy to repurpose something that I just wanted to get rid of! They fit my home décor so much better, and cost less than $60 to update, which is cheaper than the cost of going out and buying new ones.

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