Hallway Mini Makeover

After scraping off the popcorn texture on the ceilings in my house, I’ve had a few locations where the paint started to randomly chip off. It seems like the plaster ceilings were never sanded down properly, so the old layers of paint start to come undone over time. We’ve found a solution that we need to chip all the loose paint, sand, and then use a high adhesion primer before skimming the spots and then repainting. (Easier said than done!). The good news is that it is a pretty quick project and the ceilings look perfect afterwards.

When this started happening in my hallway, I decided it was time for a little bigger project. I had been meaning to change the light fixture to coordinate better with the rest of my house, and the walls really needed a new coat of paint. The walls had been half way done in a gray, and then the rest was done in a new can that had been tinted to match the original gray. It looked okay, but you could tell just a slight difference in color. The cut in between the walls and ceiling was also a little sloppy, which drives me crazy!


We started with cleaning up the ceiling and getting it ready to paint. As the skim coat was drying, I began doing the walls. It looked so much neater with one quick coat of paint. Since the hallway is mostly doorways anyways, it only took an hour to paint.

Next up was priming and painting the ceiling. This again was a pretty quick process once it had been sanded smooth. You couldn’t even tell where we had fixed up the chipped paint. For a project like this, its always better to take a little extra time to get it perfectly neat and smooth before moving on!

Finally, it was time to wire in the new light fixture. I went with a brass base to match my kitchen and bedrooms since this room is the transition. The clear glass globe plays off the bedroom lights which also have a glass globe, but the size and scale of this one feels a little more appropriate for a hallway (my bedroom ones are a little bigger). You can find my fixture here at Target!

The rewiring only took an hour or so, and it was really simple to put up. I love how much brighter it feels and that the light fixture is more updated and modern.


The project only took 2 weekends of work (I don’t have a lot of time during the week to work on projects!). But for a quick and easy project, it had a lot of impact! These are the best types of projects!

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