iPhone 12 Pro Review

A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded to the iphone 12 pro. I’m normally one who holds out with my old phones as long as possible because I prefer to pay cash up front for them and then just keep them. I was still using an iphone 8 and I was long overdue for a new one.

I attempted to buy the iphone 12 from Verizon, but they ended up charging me twice for it, then couldn’t refund me without cancelling the order. Once they did that, it refunded one charge but I never got refunded for the second charge. It took over 3 weeks of daily contact with their customer service, starting an investigation with my bank, and the better business bureau to get them to refund me the second charge. The worst part is that they offered me $20 as an apology for keeping $800 from me for almost a month, and tried to blame my bank for giving them the money.

Because of the awful customer service I experienced with Verizon, I decided I no longer wanted to do business with them and I switched to AT&T. Because of all the discounts I got with switching to a new carrier, I decided to upgrade to the 12 pro! I knew I would really enjoy the better camera, so it was worth the extra $200 to me.

Size: I was really nervous that the iphone 12 pro would feel huge compared to my iphone 8. Since I carry my phone with me while I run, usually in a pocket on the back of my shorts or pants, I can’t have a giant tablet-like phone! The iphone 12 pro measures 6.1 inches. Its not that much bigger compared to my 8– the bare phone is about the same size as my 8 with a case on it, and I appreciate that most of the 12 is screen, whereas the 8 had a border running around the screen. It is a little bigger with the case on, but I plan to just slip that off when I carry it while I run.

It is noticeably heavier than my old phone, weighing 6.66 oz. compared to the 5.22 oz. weight of the 8. Its not distractingly heavy or anything, but it does have some beef to it! Its understandable that there would be added weight with the added features, so I’m not super bothered by it.

Durability: The iphone 12 is touted to be much more durable than older models. The phone has a Ceramic Shield glass display, which Apple claims to be 4 times better during drop testing. I tend to be really careful with my phone (especially one I just spent $1000 on), but its nice to know it should be better protected if it takes a fall. I still got insurance and use a case and screen protector, because I would always rather be safe than ruin a brand new phone!

Battery Life: Compared to my 8 that had 89% battery capacity left, the battery of my iphone 12 pro is AMAZING. I didn’t charge it for the first 2 days that I had it. And I use my phone constantly, if not excessively (hi twitter). I can listen to music all day along with hours of scrolling social media and taking photos and videos, and still have 30% or more charge by the time I go to bed. My biggest problem with iphones is how frustrating it is when the battery starts to go bad, so I’m hoping the good battery health lasts a while with this phone.

Photo Quality: Okay now for the best part- the photo and video quality. Without getting into all of the technical specs of why the pro camera is better, it is night and day better than my 8. With my 8, I could capture nice images if the lighting and focus was just right. With my 12 pro, every photo looks great. The images are crisp, colors are vivid, the lighting looks great even in darker shots.

The video quality is also stunning– again even in low light. I haven’t played around with portrait mode a lot, but I can tell its also a huge improvement. If you are someone who likes taking photos and video for social media, its worth the upgrade. The biggest difference I have noticed is the ability to take pictures and video when its dark outside. What would’ve been grainy pictures of a sunrise on my old phone, I now get stunning pictures by just pointing and shooting.

5G Service: My phone is currently accessing 5G service when I’m not on WIFI. Due to the lockdown, I’m only really outside my house to run, order coffee, or go to the store, so I haven’t personally noticed a huge difference in the speed. I stream music when I’m outside walking or running, but I’ve never had an issue with it even on my old phone. For me, this wasn’t a huge selling point!

As someone who was using a really old version of the iphone, the upgrade was very worth it to me. I would say its worth upgrading to the pro if you really enjoy taking pictures and video with your phone. For me, that was the biggest selling point and I’m really happy I went with the upgrade!

4 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro Review

  1. Such a concise review! I got the 12 Pro earlier this month and the first thing I noticed was how HEAVY it was like omg!
    I wish I could use the 5G feature but it’s not available where I live! Oh well 🙂😂👍

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