Mini Kitchen Makeover

I recently did a little mini kitchen makeover. I haven’t updated anything since my remodel a few years back, and I felt like it was time for a little refresh. The refresh was also sped up by a little accident. A few months ago, we were trying to patch chipped paint on the ceiling, and with a gentle bump, my light fixture fell to the floor and shattered! I’m still finding pieces of glass in my kitchen to this day!

So after searching for a new light fixture that I loved, it felt like a good time to refresh a couple of other things as well!


The light fixture that I chose was this brass and milk glass chandelier from West Elm. I loved that it was more of a statement piece, but still wasn’t so big or low that it became a nuisance in the kitchen. The light fixture comes with additional stem pieces so that it can be close to a flush mount (like I did), or to lengthen into a longer pendant.

Image via West Elm

The next upgrade I made was a new statement coffee maker. My coffee maker was on its last leg and since it was black, it just didn’t fit in my bright and retro kitchen. I came across this coffee maker at Crate & Barrel and fell in love! The color and wood tone match my kitchen perfectly! It was like it was meant to be. I’ve been meaning to make the switch from K-cups back to ground coffee to reduce waste anyways, so I was excited for this purchase!

Image via Crate & Barrel

After these two updates, I was beginning to decorate my kitchen for Christmas and felt like it was still feeling a little dark and heavy. I decided it was time to update my hot pink rug. I love the contrast and how the rug is unique to my kitchen, but it was starting to just stand out and darken the room.

Image via Target

I actually ordered 2 other rugs and didn’t feel like they worked, before finally landing on this one from Target. It wasn’t super expensive, which is nice for a rug in the kitchen. I liked that it still has a pop of color to make my kitchen feel unique, but isn’t quite as dark and distracting as the hot pink. The other rugs I tried were lighter whites and greys and while pretty, they felt a little too elegant and not right for a kitchen. It actually looks even lighter / more faded in real life too.


I love how just a couple of swaps made my kitchen feel happier and more elevated. Its a good reminder that you don’t always have to totally redo a room to make it feel refreshed. Simple things like swapping a light fixture or a rug can make a huge impact!

To read more about my kitchen remodel and the design choices, check out my post on it here!

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