Stress Free Office Mini Makeover

My company recently announced that we would be working from home for another 9 months. After 6 months of making due in my at home office, I decided that it was time for a little bit of a room makeover. I wanted to adjust the room to more of a permanent office space that worked for my needs.

Before quarantine, I used my office room as more of an extended closet, guest bedroom, but also had a desk space. I rarely worked from home, so I didn’t use the desk space very often. Now that I use the space daily, it was time to adjust. I didn’t end up doing a major makeover, but a few tweaks made the space so much better for stress-free work!

Some easy updates you can do to make major change to your space include:

Reduce Clutter: The biggest step was to reduce the clutter around my desk. I ordered a simple drawer storage box in order to tuck away papers and supplies, instead of having them floating around. When everything in a space has a home, its easier to keep things neat and tidy (I follow the same practice with organizing the rest of my house as well!). It also helps to reduce visual clutter by having things hidden away in drawers, vs. out in the open.

Chair Upgrade: The cute vintage chair I had in my office was great until I actually had to sit in it all day. It was actually really uncomfortable and I often found myself adjusting my body to not be in pain! I upgraded to a beautifully soft green velvet chair that is stylish and much more comfortable. If you’re going to do anything to upgrade a home office, I would get a new chair! Don’t limit your search to just traditional office chairs either. There are a lot of great side chairs that work well for office seating.

Open Up Space: Since this room had originally been a guest bedroom and had more closet storage, I needed to rearrange and remove some things to open up the space a little better. I freed up space along the wall my desk sits on, which gave more room for the chair. This also made visually look a lot more open, which was great! One way to make rooms feel bigger and well designed is to just get rid of stuff!

Freshen Up Decor: Freshening up decor is also a quick and easy way to make your office feel calmer. I love fancy picture frames with photos that make you happy, and adding some green plants to the space. Mirrors also help make the space feel more open and brighter. The key is to keep things really simple– don’t over crowd with decor that you constantly have to work around.

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