My Fall Home Makeover

It’s been an emotionally draining couple of weeks (or you know, year), so this week I decided I was going to take a day off work for a little self care. For me, this meant waking up for a sunrise run, shopping the new fall home decor at Target, and decorating my house for fall!

It felt nice to refresh the space and to buy some fun new things. Each year, I try a little different look to change things up. I started decorating with what I already had to get a better idea of what things would be nice to buy to complete the look. Before heading out to the store, I take pictures of what I already have and the spaces I want to use them in, so that I can be more thoughtful and intentional with what I buy.

This year, I went for a little more of a moody fall look on my mantle with a dried magnolia wreath, dried orange flowers, amber glass, and candle holders. In my kitchen, I just did a couple of vignettes with ceramic pumpkins. For my kitchen table and mudroom, I went with plaids for a classic fall look.

I still need to update my front steps, and I’m looking forward to some real pumpkins and fall flowers fo that!

Have you decorated for fall yet?

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