8 Ways to Build Your Self Confidence

I’ve always been a relatively confident person. I have a very type-A personality, and work incredibly hard at just about everything I do (whether this is healthy or not is up for debate!). One trait that I admire about myself, is that I am usually really proud of the things I have accomplished and have confidence that I can achieve just about anything that I want to.

I really believe that confidence isn’t just inherited, but its something that is built and practiced in day to day life. We all struggle with it at times, but there area lot of ways you can work to build your confidence on your own.

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  1. Change the way you talk to yourself. It sounds so cheesy, but the way you talk to yourself matters. I’ve seen this play out when I’m having a hard run– if I mentally rag on myself for not being faster or fit enough, it makes the run 10 times worse. If I say things like “you’re doing really great” or “this hard work will pay off”, it really does shift my mind to a more positive state. Even if you feel like you are faking it, try saying nice things to yourself more often.
  2. Challenge yourself to make the change. If there is something about yourself that makes you feel really insecure, challenge yourself to make the change. Whether its your body, finances, relationships, or something else, don’t spend your life being mad about something you really can change. These things are never easy, but you are strong enough to conquer uphill battles!
  3. Celebrate your accomplishments. Our society is so negative about women who celebrate themselves, and I really hope this changes. When you work hard at something and hit a goal, be proud of yourself and don’t downplay it in order to make other people comfortable. Treat yourself and celebrate what you have accomplished. You DO deserve it.
  4. Shift your envy to admiration. Its so easy to fall in the trap of envy, especially with social media. When you see other women that you just ~hate~ because they make you feel insecure, identify what it is that really makes you feel that way. Maybe that person is in the gym every day working on their body. Maybe that person has worked for years to build a business. Think about what that person did to achieve what they have, don’t just look at their end result and compare to your journey.
  5. Understand that everyone struggles. Everyone is insecure about something in their life, but most people just don’t show it. Even the person you envy because it seems like they have their life together. Have empathy and be open with your friends. You’ll realize you are in the same boat as everyone else.
  6. Embrace who you are. I’ve found that the times I was the most insecure in my life was when I was trying to be someone who I was not. If you feel like you have to change yourself to be included or liked by your friends, those people aren’t your friends. Do what makes you happy and be the person you feel comfortable as. It’s better to like yourself at the end of the day, than have people like a fake version of you.
  7. Take care of yourself. Take time to prioritize yourself. Eat healthy. Exercise. Take care of your mental health. When your body feels good and you feel centered, you are much better prepared to take on life’s challenges. It’s also important to surround yourself with people who want you to succeed. Be careful of those frenemies who plant seeds of doubt within yourself.
  8. Practice. No one will get all of these things perfect all of the time, but its important to continue to try each and every day. I promise this is the last cheesy metaphor for the day– but it really is a journey, not a destination!

What makes you feel the like the most confident version of yourself? Share in the comments below!

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