Fixes for Your Biggest Beauty Problems

We all want to look our best, but there are so many beauty products out there, its hard to know where to begin. I believe that its best to start with your own natural beauty and to highlight from there. I have a few favorite products that help with my biggest beauty problems, so that you look great even without spending tons of time on getting ready.

Keep reading for my top fixes to your biggest beauty problems!

Beauty Problem: Chipping Nails

Solution: OPI Nail Envy Treatment $16.89

Image via Target

There is nothing worse than nails that constantly chip or crack. This OPI nail envy makes your nails grow so fast, and keeps them really strong and free from breakage. You can use on bare nails or under your regular nail polish.


Beauty Problem: Acne Scar Marks

Beauty Solution: Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum $25

Image via Sephora

The only thing worse than a breakout is the mark it leaves behind! This is called hyperpigmentation and is a (usually) temporary scar. This Murad treatment lightens those red marks with regular use.


Beauty Problem: Split Ends

Beauty Solution: Biosilk Silk Therapy Leave in Treatment $13.99

Image via

As someone with long hair, I go up to 6 months in between hair cuts. My biggest hair problem is getting split ends from styling my hair. This leave in treatment leaves your hair so soft and shiny, with less frizz from split ends. It also smells great!


Beauty Problem: Under Eye Circles

Beauty Solution: Olehenriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream $39

Image via Sephora

This eye cream brightens and moisturizes, making your under eye circles less noticeable. It also is designed to work under makeup, so you can layer a concealer over it, without your concealer melting off your face! Now that I don’t wear as much makeup while working at home, I love a product like this that actually improves my skin!


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