Pretty Bathroom Storage Ideas

After my recent bathroom remodel, I wanted to overhaul the storage in the room as well. By removing my old medicine cabinet and updating the vanity, I lost a little bit of storage space. In my new room, I not only had to be smarter with how I stored all of my essentials, I also wanted it to look great!

Pretty Bathroom Storage Ideas | Style & the Suburbs

The first step was to really clean out what I was storing in my bathroom. I got rid of a ton of old products that I was never going to use. I saw the term “shampoo graveyard” somewhere, and now I always think of this term when deciding what I should keep in my bathroom. Minimizing the clutter meant I actually had way less stuff to store than I thought.

The next step was finding the right storage solutions that were easy to use, but still looked nice. I did a lot of hunting through the bathroom, storage, and kitchen departments to find just the right items.

Shelf Liners: In order to keep the wood on my new vanity nice, I used peel and stick wallpaper to line all of the drawers. It makes the drawers look pretty when you open them and makes it easier to clean if something spills. I actually used this same pattern in all of my kitchen drawers as well. You can also use normal contact paper for this, but I love the range of patterns you can get with peel and stick wallpaper!

Pretty Bathroom Storage Ideas | Style & the Suburbs

Organization Bins: I actually found these bins in the kitchen storage section at Target. They were a little pricey, but they have nice silicone bottoms that keep them from sliding around in the drawers. They also came in great sizes that hold everything from makeup to hair spray. It easy to keep a drawer organized when each thing has its own designated place.

Pretty Bathroom Storage Ideas | Style & the SuburbsPretty Bathroom Storage Ideas | Style & the Suburbs

I also used storage bins and a fabric bin to store everything else under the sink. The open fabric bin is nice to keep refills of products that can be easily grabbed as needed. The lidded bins are perfect to hide the clutter of everything else. If you ended up having quite a few of these, it would be great to label them with the contents. Since I only had 2, I’m able to keep it straight myself!

Pretty Bathroom Storage Ideas | Style & the Suburbs

Top of Counter Storage: After splurging for my dream countertop, I wanted to make sure I kept it looking as nice as possible. To me, this means having minimal clutter. I bought a pretty flower vase to store my makeup brushes and a simple lidded jar for q-tips. It’s hard to avoid keeping a few things out on the counter, but I love that these pieces are almost decorative in themselves. With all of the other storage in the vanity, its actually really easy just to put stuff away.

Pretty Bathroom Storage Ideas | Style & the Suburbs

The wallpaper and storage bins actually ended up costing around $100. You could definitely find similar items that do the same job for cheaper, but I am hoping these storage solutions will last a really long time!

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