8 Common Mistakes that Derail Your Fitness Goals

Summer is here, and you might be thinking about those long past new years resolutions. The warm weather is the perfect time to recommit to a workout routine that makes your feel better and happier!

Its easy to start a routine, but its also really easy to quit them. Here are some of the top mistakes that people make when trying to achieve their fitness goals and how to prevent them!

  1. Not dedicating time: having a scheduled time for your workout holds you more accountable to actually doing a workout. Whether its morning, over lunch, or at night, if you don’t plan time for your workout, its all too easy to just skip it. I’ve had many days where I keep telling myself that I will do it later, and later never happens!
  2. Not slowly building fitness. when you’re excited about a new fitness plan, its easy to jump all in. Doing too much too fast can lead to overuse injuries, especially for sports like biking and running. The rule of thumb for runners is that you shouldn’t increase mileage by more than 10% each week, but this principle applies to other workouts too. If you take extended time off, its important to ease back in slowly too.
  3. Not keeping your workouts interesting. Doing the exact same workout or running the exact same route every day can lead to mental burnout. Try to change things up in order to keep your mind engaged.
  4. Not adapting your workouts. Your body learns to adapt really quickly, and keeping your workouts the exact same will cause a plateau in your progress. Changing up the duration, intensity, or type of workout every few weeks will let your body continue to get stronger.
  5. Not taking care of your body. Treat your body well. This means including strength training, stretching, warming up and cooling down after workouts. If you have sore knees or an injury, figure out the cause and work to fix the problem instead of ignoring it. These little things might not seem that important at the time, but they all add up to ensure a healthy body for the long run.
  6. Not eating well. Its important not to obsess over food, but consider the fuel you are putting into your body. Filling your body with the wrong types of foods will not only derail your fitness goals, it can make your workouts even harder. You don’t have to make sudden, drastic changes, but try to focus on whole foods, lots of protein, and lots of water on a regular basis.
  7. Not taking rest days. It may seem like rest days are just for lazy people, but rest is when our muscle and bones recover from the stress of exercise and rebuild to be stronger. Not taking rest continues to stress your body more and more, which can lead to injury or over training fatigue.
  8. Not being flexible. Its easy to become obsessed with a fitness plan and feel like you are failing if you miss a day or two. Life happens and its important to be flexible and resilient. It’s better to miss a few days and start back again than to feel like you have to hit every single day and end up giving up when you can’t achieve perfection. Its a life long journey!

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