Hungry Root Grocery Service Review

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m always on the hunt for meal services that make cooking easier. I’ve tried just about everything, and feel a little like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears– some aren’t healthy enough, some are too complicated, some are TOO healthy and don’t taste good.

The last service I tried was Splendid Spoon. The meals were good at first, but they were pretty bland. After my second shipment, most of them ended up in the freezer where they sit today, and I ended up cancelling.

After realizing that I really needed to start eating healthier and having more variety in my meals, an ad for Hungry Root popped up on my Instagram feed. I’m always curious about these kinds of things and I love when they have a discount for your first order, so its not a huge commitment to try.

Like Splendid Spoon, Hungry Root is plant based. As a vegetarian, I appreciate being able to pick from anything, instead of having just 1-2 options that are meat free.

What is different about Hungry Root is that you get so many credits per your monthly plan. You can “spend” your credits on recipes, or pick grocery items individually. When you first sign up, you take a survey where you can pick what types of things you like and don’t like, and Hungry Root will fill your “cart” for you. You can take what they offer, or you can shop for yourself and completely customize your order.

Since I am picky, I cleared out the whole cart and picked for myself. The plan I signed up for is $101.89 weekly, which is for 6 dinners, 2 lunches, and 6 snacks. This ended up being 55 credits, which you can spend on whatever you would like. Most of the meals are 8-11 credits, and the extras are 1-4 credits, depending on what the item is.

Like other services, you can skip weeks whenever you want, so after my first order, I paused the rest until I could try it out. When my shipment came, I was shocked at how much food there was. Sometimes meal services are pricey, but this felt comparable to what I could get at the grocery store for $100.

Hungry Root Grocery Service Review | Style & the Suburbs

After making a few of the meals, I was very impressed. The meals are super quick to make and just require 1-2 pans to heat and mix 3-4 ingredients. The proteins and grain packets are already seasoned, and come with sauces to add. I got at least 2 servings out of the meals, but you could easily get 3 if you had another side or were having a lighter plate. The food has all been so good, that I immediately went back to sign up for another shipment.

One thing that I realized with my first shipment was that the meals I picked had a lot of duplication. I got multiple packs or tortillas and salad mixes that left me a lot of extras after I made meals. The second time around, I tried to be more thoughtful in what I selected, and added extra proteins from the a-la-carte options so that I could make additional meals with the left overs!

Here was my second week of meal selections for example:

Hungry Root Meal Service Review | Style & the SuburbsHungry Root Meal Service Review | Style & the SuburbsHungry Root Meal Service Review | Style & the SuburbsHungry Root Meal Service Review | Style & the Suburbs

I don’t think I will need the service every week, and I don’t know if I will stick with the amount of meals that I have. It’s a lot of food for even 2 weeks of meals, and the fresh items won’t last that long! A lot of the food had expiration dates that were months from when I received them, so I was happy that I could work though those as I could. I’m loving the variety of food and added protein to my diet. It actually makes me excited to cook and eat meals!

If you would like to try Hungry Root, use code CPRTZMWH to get $15 off your first month!

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