How To Style Dec Pillows

I recently decided to overhaul my living room decor. I haven’t updated the room for a while, and was ready for a refreshed look, especially now that I have been spending more time at home.

Because I wanted to invest in some new decor, I took time to think through what I wanted and how it would all look together. Overall, I wanted the room to feel brighter, refreshed, and more pulled together. As I started shopping for pieces, I even created a diagram to help me decide!

When styling a couch with toss pillows, its important to balance whats similar about the pillows and whats different. You want the pillows to feel like they go together, but not be a formulaic copy and paste. Keep reading for my simple equation for styling toss pillows:

How To Style Dec Pillows | Style & the Suburbs

How To Style Dec Pillows | Style & the Suburbs

  1. Start with the base. Look for larger sized pillows (think 28″ or bigger) that will become the base layer. I like for these to be matching in order to create symmetry. Its also nice for these to be a solid texture or simple pattern since they are the ground layer that you won’t change much. For my couch, I went with a simple gray and white texture pillow cover.
  2. Add interest. I think of the second layer of pillows as where you add interest with prints or techniques. The key is for pillows that aren’t too similar in print scale, but play into a similar color palette or look. These pillows should be smaller than your base pillows. I chose a simple blue and white floral pillow and balanced it with a blue and white plaid on the other side. The visual weight of these pillows feels balanced and equal, even though they are different. This is also where you could add in a smaller oblong pillow as an accent.
  3. Coordinating other pieces. If you have other furniture in the room, you’ll want to consider how those are styled as well. I have a chair that sits by my couch and found another blue and white pillow that fits the color palette in a simple pattern. It’s again important to coordinate but not to be too matchy-matchy.

Check out my before and afters below!

How to Style Dec Pillows | Style & the Suburbs
How to Style Dec Pillows | Style & the Suburbs




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