From Walker to 5k Running Plan

If you think you’re the kind of person who could never be a runner, I’m here to tell you that isn’t true! With a little bit of commitment and the right plan, you can train to run a 5k in a little over a month. I’ve created a week-by-week plan to help you from the start.

This plan only has 4 workouts per week, and most of your workouts will be 30 to 45 minutes long. It starts slow and builds over the course of a month, with the end being a 5k run, that you could also do during a race that you signed up for!

A few notes: 

  • If you are new to running and don’t feel comfortable the first week, try doing that weeks workouts for two weeks in a row before progressing. But don’t be scared of progressing after that!
  • There are only 4 workouts per week, which gives you time to have rest days and do something else other days. Biking, walking, or strength training are great options for “off” days.
  • The runs that say “easy jog” should be just that– EASY! You should be able to carry a conversation as you run. It may feel slow as can be at first, but running easy will allow you to build how far/long you can run.
  • The long run can be slightly faster than your easy run, but you don’t want to take off in a sprint and end up walking before the end. Start at an easy pace, and move up to moderate after half way if you are feeling good!
  • If you feel pain, don’t keep going! New runners can get injured if they start adding mileage before their body has time to adapt. This plan slowly builds to help train your body, but if something is hurting, don’t keep running. Rest a few days and then pick up the plan again if you can run pain free.
  • The only equipment you need is a way to measure time and distance (like a watch or your phone), and a good pair of running shoes. The biggest secret to running is having a good pair of shoes that are right for your feet and aren’t broken down. Even if you are a running newby, go to your local running store and get fitted for shoes. They can help you find a shoe that will make running comfortable for you.

Walker to 5k Running Plan | Style & the Suburbs

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