Free Printable Daily Planner

As I approach my first month of working from home, I’ve found that some days, I’m super productive, and then there are others where its suddenly 4pm and I’ve accomplished nothing. You’re more than likely juggling a lot right now– work, your children, cooking at home, and taking time to take care of yourself. That is a lot!

One thing that I have found to be helpful is to add structure to my days. It’s not necessarily an hour by hour schedule, but a list of things that I hope to accomplish that day. For me, this list includes both work and home obligations, as well as carving out time for self care breaks. I wanted to share the planner that I created for myself to help me plan my days in case you find it helpful!

Instead of telling myself “I have to do these 10 things today”, I try to frame my day by breaking it down into smaller time-frames and goals. This helps me be realistic with what I can get done, but also holds me accountable to the things I want to do before letting the whole day slip by.

Free Printable Daily Planner

You will see that the planner also includes a column for self care breaks– physical, mental, and emotional. You might not have time to dedicate to these each day, but I encourage you to pick one or two and make them a priority. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you need a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood or a quick yoga session before bed.

If you’re anything like me, sometimes its as simple as writing something down and setting a time to make things happen! Its also important to remember there will be days you don’t get it all done, and I encourage you to be kind to yourself in that.

You can download the printable PDF here:

Free Printable Daily Planner

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