Practically Free Ways to Update Your Home Decor

When times are tough, its hard to budget money for things like home decor. That doesn’t mean you can’t do things to transform and refresh your home! All it takes is a little bit of time and creativity. Below are 5 inexpensive or even free ways to update your decor today.

Painting Furniture: Old pieces of furniture can have new life with the right coat of paint. Smaller pieces can even be completed with paint you already have laying around. Its important to sand and prepare the item so that the paint will adhere correctly! Don’t forget you can spraypaint hardware too!

Image via Evolution of Style

Sew Pillow Covers: Update the pillows you have by sewing new covers from old table cloths or fabric. You can check out my tutorial here! Create matching pillows for a styled look.

Image via

New Artwork: Create a chic gallery wall with printed photos. You could do color or black and white. If you don’t have coordinating frames, you can spraypaint various frames to match.

Image via Artifact Uprising

Add a Plant: Greenery brings life to everything! If you don’t have access to buy a plant, even some branch clippings in water will do the trick!

Image via McGee & Co

Cover Books with Paper: You could use old paper shopping bags for a simple look, or mix and match patterns, depending on your style!

Image via Apartment Therapy

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