Bathroom Remodel: The Demo Begins

After finishing up the detailing on my bathroom vanity, it was time to move to the demo phase of the project! My custom vanity top arrived last week and looks perfect. I am so happy I decided to spend the extra money to get exactly what I wanted. With how nice the vanity top looked, we realized it would be smarter to work tops down in the bathroom, instead of installing the beautiful new pieces and then working over them, so the order of operation changed slightly!

Bathroom Remodel: The Demo Begins | Style & the Suburbs

I wanted to replace the medicine cabinet mirror in my bathroom because it was made of cheap particle board and was starting to look gross. Although I really liked the function of the medicine cabinet, a simple mirror would look more elevated and make the bathroom feel more spacious since it wouldn’t be sticking off the wall.

It was surprisingly really difficult to find a mirror. I was hoping to find something similar in size to the current fixture, since I had become used to having a very large mirror in the bathroom. Mirrors over 40” start to get really expensive, especially ones that come with a nicer frame. I explored buying a mirror and attaching my own frame, but still couldn’t find anything that looked really elevated. When I realized that I would have to find something to move forward with the project, I stumbled upon a really cute mirror at that was under $100! It was 40” x 28” which was perfect for the space. It was not what I was originally thinking for the space, but the pretty white frame will actually look great with my new softer palette.

Bathroom Remodel: The Demo Begins | Style & the Suburbs

The first step in the demo was removing the medicine cabinet. It was screwed into the wall and was covering the old cutout from the original medicine cabinet. The cutout wasn’t a big deal since the new mirror will cover it, but the wall had to be repaired in a few spots where the screws were.

Bathroom Remodel: The Demo Begins

Last weekend was spent patching the holes and priming the repaired sections. The blue tape marks on the wall mark where the new mirror will sit, which will be centered with the light fixture. We wanted to have a guide to know where we had to be really fussy about the wall and where it would be hidden anyways!

Bathroom Remodel: The Demo Begins

As I’ve been updating rooms in my house, I’ve been moving towards more bright colors that have a pastel white base. It just really brightens up the room and makes my house feel more cohesive, instead of having a different tone in every room. For the bathroom, I am switching from purple to a subtle gray white. It will be really close to white, but just have enough tint so that it doesn’t read as a stark white room.

The bathroom is small, so it will be quick to paint. Once the walls are done and the new mirror is hung, it will be time to move onto installing the new vanity and then the new floor!

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