How to Save Money on Home Remodel Projects

Owning a home is expensive, especially when you want to start doing remodel projects. It’s really fun to dream of all the things you want to do to your space, but sometimes the price tag puts the project on hold. Luckly, there are ways to save lots of money on projects. Here are a few of my secrets for getting great deals on your remodel projects:

Discontinued and Remnants: Whenever I’m at a home improvement store, I swing by their bargain areas to see if there is anything good. When I was working on my porch remodel, I knew that I needed white cupboards. I kept checking and ended up finding some in the discount area that had damage on the side that would be against the wall in my room! I even negotiated 10% more off the price due to the damage. When I needed tiles for my fireplace hearth, I only need a few, so I was able to buy them from a store that had limited amounts of discontinued styles– at a huge discount!

Scratch and Dent: If you are in the market for an appliance, it’s always good to look for scratch and dents. Obviously, you don’t want something with major damage, but you can save a lot of money from things with minor flaws. My fridge is tucked into cupboards on one side, so I was able to find the exact fridge that I wanted with a dent on the side that was hidden, at a $400 discount! For something like a washer and dryer, a dent might not even matter!

Craigslist or Neighborhood Sites: There is no better deal than when someone is trying to get rid of something! Good stuff goes fast, but if you are looking for something in particular, it’s worth combing sites like craigslist or neighborhood sites. I’ve known people who got like new furniture, brand new sinks and faucets for 90% off retail, among other stuff just because they kept an eye out! Of course, you aren’t always going to find what you want, but it’s worth checking!

Garage Sales: Garage sales and moving sales are a really good way to find deals on tools and other supplies. When people are leaving a house and want to get rid of things like tools and ladders, they often sell it at a huge discount! I would caution against buying things like paint from a garage sale since you won’t know how old it is.

Oops Paint: Almost all of the paint in my house was purchased as “oops paint”– paint that was purchased and then returned or not the right color. I’ve found stain, ceiling paint, and wall paint in great colors for $5 a gallon. Sometimes there is even white that they will still tint for you!

Stock Up: When there is a sale on things that I know I will use– like paint brushes, painters tape, roller covers, etc, I buy a few extras to have on hand. It’s sometimes hard to buy something you don’t immediately need, but when it comes time to need them its nice to not have to rush to the store and pay a much higher price!

Do it Yourself: There are so many house projects that you can do without hiring a professional. Tiling, backsplashes, installing drywall are all things you can do without much experience. The key is to really do your research– watch youtube videos, talk to your local home improvement store, and recruit a friend who has done it before for advice. You obviously don’t want to end up with something you aren’t happy with, but if you take your time to research and plan, you can have great results!

As you can see from most of these, you have to plan ahead. If you can start thinking about what you will need for a project a few months in advance, you can keep an eye out for deals on the things you will need!

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