Style Tips for an Insta Worthy Home

It may seem like some people just have the magic ability to style an instagram worthy home. But like the rest of instagram, it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors! If you are dreaming of a space that feels a little more insta-worthy, there are a few really easy things you can do to make your space look and photograph better. Keep reading for my top tips!

Style Tips for an Insta Worthy Home | Style & the Subrubs

Clean Counters: Keep your kitchen and bathroom countertops free from clutter and too many things. Keep the necessities in your cabinets and opt for a decorative tray and candle on the counter instead.

My Fall Home Decor | Style & the Suburbs

Let in the Light: Natural daylight is the best lighting for your home. Keep your window treatments light in color and open to let in the sunlight.

Style Shelves: Think of styling shelves or your fireplace mantle like you style your own outfits– take off one accessory to make the rest become more of a statement. Give everything a little space to make it look neat and intentional.

My January Home Decor Refresh | Style & the Suburbs

Plant Life: Fresh flowers and plants bring pops of color and a sense of life to your home. They can be also be used throughout your home– kitchen, dining table, mantle, and your bedrooms.


Don’t Forget the Floor: A new rug can totally change the feeling of a room. Add a contrast pop of color or fresh look with a new rug.


Toss Pillows: Style your couches and bed with at least 1 matching set of toss pillows to make it look pulled together. Don’t forget about large (euro sized) pillows as anchors, and then layer smaller pillows in front.


How to Get My Home Decor Style | Style & the Suburbs

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