Travel Recap: Weekend in Denver

One of my friends recently moved to Denver and invited me to come visit this winter. Denver is usually much warmer in the winter than where I live in Minneapolis, so I was excited for some warmer weather for outdoor activities! Of course, the weekend I went ended up being one of the snowiest they had all year, but I was determined to make the best of it!

The first day that I flew in, it snowed over a 12″. There wasn’t much to do other than venture out a few blocks to eat and see a movie. I was so worried that the weather would mean we would be stuck inside all weekend, but luckily the snow finally stopped!

The next day, the sun came out and it warmed up to the 40’s (which seemed pretty warm to me!). First on the agenda was a run. My friend is currently training for a marathon, so we were excited to find a beautiful spot to get some miles in. We decided to travel to the Flatiron Vista trail in Boulder.

Travel Recap: Weekend in Denver | Style & the Suburbs

We were hoping the trail wouldn’t be super snowy, but we were wrong! Although it was packed down a little, there were spots were the snow was still 8″ deep, making it tricky to run! After half a mile, we realized we probably wouldn’t be running our 10 miles, but kept going as much as we could! After a few miles of deep snow, we found some more packed down trails and were able to run and take in the beautiful sights!

Travel Recap: Weekend in Denver | Style & the SuburbsTravel Recap: Weekend in Denver | Style & the Suburbs

The views were stunning and the snow only made it prettier! It would be fun to go back when the trails in better condition so you could run without constantly looking down.

We had planned on visiting Estes Park on the second day, but since we had already travelled so far north, we decided to keep going after our run. The drive from Boulder was equally as beautiful and the town was so cute. We hiked at Lumpy Ridge which had a little bit of a climb and difficulty with the snowy slush. The views of the mountains kept getting better! Since it was already late afternoon, we didn’t have a ton of time to spend hiking, and if I went back, I would definitely spend a whole day or more there.

Travel Recap: Weekend in Denver | Style & the Suburbs

The last day of the trip, we hung around Denver because it started to snow again and I had to catch my flight. We got brunch at a cute little place called Waffle Brothers. The waffles were 10/10 and much needed after all of the hiking the day before!

It was only a quick trip and adjustments had to be made due to the weather, but I felt like I still got to see and experience a lot in the time I was there! Next time I go back, I plan to go when the weather is a little better so the activities aren’t as limited.

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