The Best Products for a Minimal Makeup Look

Lately, I’ve been into more minimal makeup looks. I’m often rushed and running off somewhere in the morning and don’t have time to do a full face of makeup. I also like giving my skin a break from makeup on the weekends. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve also become more confident that I look the way I look and I don’t need a ton of makeup to feel okay in my skin!

When I want to do a quick makeup look, I have a few go-to products that I thought I would share!

The Best Products for a Minimal Makeup Look | Style & the Suburbs

The first step to minimal makeup looks is taking care of your skin! I have a lot of acne scarring, and the best treatment I have found is Murad Invisicar Resurfacing Treatment. This stuff works the first time you use it and has faded pesky spots that even prescription retinols haven’t. I also wear sunscreen every single day to take care of my skin—lately I have been using Sephora’s SPF 20 Mattifying Sunscreen. I like this one because I can wear it alone without my face looking shiny or greasy.

Image via Sephora

If you are going to use any other products, a brow gel is the next most important! For minimal makeup days, I like a clear brow gel. This Sephora clear gel isn’t super expensive and works well! I like the clear gel for if I sweat or wipe my face—I can be confident there won’t be brown smudges all over!

Image via Sephora

One of my biggest problem areas is my undereye circles, so if I wear anything else, I use a brightening under eye concealer. I really like Sephora’s brand for less pricey products that still work. To blend it out a little, I add a very light dusting of Bare Minerals powder so there isn’t a harsh stop where the concealer ends.

Image via Sephora
Image via Sephora

To finish off the minimal makeup look, I love a tinted chap stick to moisturize my lips and add a little pop of color. I have quite a few different brands, but lately my go-to has been this Fresh Sugar brand in pink. It gives just a little color to my face without being a big commitment.

Image via Sephora


This makeup routine only takes a couple of minutes and is practically smudge and sweat proof. It’s perfect for a busy day on the run or vacation in a warm climate!

What is your go-to for minimal makeup looks?

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