What I’m Loving: January

January is all about new beginnings. Although I love the holidays, it’s really nice to get back to a routine and regular habits! If you’re feeling a little bit of post holiday blues, now is a good time to refresh your habits, your style, and your space to truly embrace a new year.

Copy of Snow Dots Blue Desktop Wallpaper (4)

If you live in a cold climate like me, everything is covered in a foot of snow this time of year and there isn’t a lot of nature to come by. Bringing live plants into your space can infuse a little bit of life, even in the dead of winter!

Image via @houseofplantlovers

After all of the holiday clutter, it’s nice to start fresh with your home decor. My house always feels so empty after I take down all of the decorations, but it’s kind of refreshing! I like to focus on a few statement pieces like vases or plants, and keep the rest simple!

Image via Pinterest
Image via Life on Hill St.

Now is a good time to learn a new hobby or try a new craft! This pretty dried orange wreath from Decor Hint was actually for the holidays, but I love it for all year!

Image via Decor Hint

Post-holiday style can be tricky. I find myself being really sick of winter clothes this time of year. I’m loving the simplicity of these white on white looks!

Image via Tumblr
Image via Fashion Activation

What are you looking forward to refreshing this year?

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