Bathroom Remodel Update

We have officially kicked off the bathroom remodel! When I first bought my house, I did a little freshening up of my bathroom, but the time has come for a bigger overhaul. The parts of the bathroom that really need to be redone are the vanity, mirror, and floor.

The vanity and mirror were there when I bought my house and have seen better days. The mirror is made out of laminate particle board, which just doesn’t wear well in a bathroom. I suspect the vanity is original to the house and the wood is pretty gross and the top is a yellowed stone. I put in a new floor the first time I did my bathroom, but I just went with a basic tan tile. It’s not the worst look, but I would like something a little nicer and updated.

Bathroom Remodel Update | Style & the Suburbs

I’m still in the planning phase of what I would like for the remodel. I like to go out and do my research on qualities and colors so that I have time to think about what I truly want and how they will go together.


My dad is going to build a custom vanity for me. The size in my bathroom is not a standard size, so I would either have to go smaller or order a custom piece. I also want my vanity to be solid wood (not laminated particle board for any part of it), which costs a significant amount. It’s much easier to build in person. You can actually purchase solid wood door and drawer faces, which I already got. Now we just have to build the frame and order a custom top.

I am hoping to keep the oak wood really light looking– I’ve been playing around with a few stains that almost white wash it. My current vanity is really yellowed and I don’t want that. The rest of the wood trim in the bathroom is blonded oak, so I haven’t decided if I want to sand that down and redo it as well.

Bathroom Remodel Update | Style & the Suburbs

Counter Top:

For the countertop, I want to keep it bright white. I will be ordering a custom top from Home Depot because of the non-standard size of the vanity. It’s actually not as expensive as I thought to have it made custom! The faucets and hardware will be silver to match what’s already in the bathroom, but I haven’t picked anything out yet.

Bathroom Remodel Update | Style & the Suburbs


Although I like the look of my medicine cabinet mirror, it has gotten so gross in the few years I’ve had my house. I think a better solution is just a simple, large mirror. It will make the space feel more open as well. The light fixture is original, so I will keep that. I like the look of a thin framed mirror that I will try to get a large as possible to align with the vanity size. I also love the below picture for overall color inspiration as well!

Image via Decor Pad


I always want to keep a retro nod in my house, so I am going with a white hexagon ceramic tile. I feel like this will brighten and clean up the whole space. The tile comes in bright white and a subtle marble and I haven’t decided which of the two I prefer. I think it will depend if I do a solid white counter or one with a marble pattern– I would then do the opposite on the floor.

Bathroom Remodel Update | Style & the SuburbsBathroom Remodel Update | Style & the Suburbs


With updating the bathroom to be more white-based, I think I will also want to change the wall color. The purple now is fine, so I might wait to see how it all looks together. It might be nice to go with a soft dove gray / almost white color for a brighter and cleaner look.

Image via Alison Giese Interiors

So that is where my brain is at right now! Sometimes it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by all of the options, but I try to focus on the key pieces of a room and build around that, while trying to stay authentic to the house.

Have you remodeled your bathroom recently? Did you find it easy to pick everything out?




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