My Christmas Mantle Decor

One of my favorite days of the year is when I decorate my christmas mantle. I try to do a little different look each year, and it’s always fun to pull it all together. This year, I felt like we didn’t have a fall season, so I tried to hold out as long as possible, but still ended up decorating in mid-november.

This year, I went for a more colorful and whimsical theme, instead of the more traditional look that I normally have.


Image via the Wiegands

It was a challenge to incorporate the decor I already had with a few new pieces, and it took quite a few different combinations of wreaths and garlands and stockings! I ended up running back to the store to get more bottle brush trees and houses to create more of a theme with those items.

My Holiday Mantle Decor | Style & the Suburbs

I would also love to get more playful christmas stockings, but it’s hard to justify spending that money when I already have pretty cute stockings. And, I feel like the ones I have still fit. Perhaps it will be something to look for on clearance after this year!

My Holiday Mantle Decor | Style & the Suburbs

Since I get a real tree, I can’t put that up yet. Last year, I got it too early and it ended up being totally dead by Christmas! I can’t wait to put that up next!

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