Must Have Packing List for Overseas Travel

I’m in the process of packing for an almost 3 week overseas trip for work this month. I haven’t taken an overseas trip in a few years, and I’m so excited for the opportunity. We are also getting to extend the trip for a little vaca in Vietnam afterwards!

For such a long trip that includes both business work and personal travel, I’ve spent a while figuring out what to pack while keeping everything in one checked bag. I thought it would be fun to share some of my strategies and essentials for packing!

Comfy Shoes: When travelling for work, it’s hard to find shoes that are both comfy and professional. The good news is that I am all about the sporty sneaker with workwear look. I recently got a pair of pink leather air force ones by Nike, and they are a perfect travel shoe!

Image via

Rain Jacket: Its smart to pack a rain jacket no matter how long your trip is, to be prepared in case of rain! I like a lightweight jacket that still looks nice, so that you can wear it even if it’s not raining. Most of my rain jackets are a little on the heavy side, so I picked up this adorable North Face jacket at the Nordstrom anniversary sale this year.

Image via Nordstrom

Packing Cubes: I try to stay as organized as possible to reduce stress and feel like I have a sense of order. These packing cubes are great to keep your clothing, toiletries, and other stuff organized. And I feel like they even help create extra room in your suitcase by keeping everything organized. They’re also only $10 which is a pretty good deal!

Image via

Mini Curling Iron: I try to be as minimal as possible with my beauty routine when I am traveling, but let’s face it, I’m pretty high maintenance. One way I save space is by this 2-in-1 mini curling iron and straightener. It’s not as great as my regular tools, but it does a pretty good job to style my hair how I normally would! To do my hair, I use both a curling iron and a straightener, so it’s really great to just pack one thing that does both!

Easy Wardrobe: Since traveling for my work involves long car rides and factory tours, I try to dress as comfortable as possible, while still looking professional. My go-to’s are ponte pant leggings paired with nicer looking sweaters and polyester blouses that won’t wrinkle. Another easy look is dark skinny jeans, a tee, and a nicer jacket. I throw in a scarf or two to change things up, but leave the jewelry at home because I feel like it just becomes and annoyance.

Image via Nordstrom

Backpack: Instead of carrying around a heavy handbag on my shoulder, I picked up a cute little backpack from lululemon. It’s about the size of a small purse, so it fits a water bottle, snacks, and whatever else I need for the day. It also still looks nicer than lugging around a giant backpack. You just have to be careful to make sure no one can open the back of it when you’re in a crowded place. I throw a travel lock on the zipper if I’m going somewhere I’m concerned about.

Travel Locks: I also use TSA approved travel locks on my suitcase. You never know who’s going through your stuff in a hotel room, so I just feel better about having it locked up!

Snacks: Being a vegetarian who is super picky about food, I pack a LOT of snacks for travel. I like to bring things that I normally eat, like kind bars, trail mix, and packets of peanut butter to keep some consistency in my diet. I also bring Nuun tablets with electrolytes and my multi vitamins to make sure I am still getting my nutrients!

Necessities: I also keep a running list of all medications, toiletries, sunscreen, bug repellent, etc. in the note app on my phone so that as things pop in my head the weeks before the trip, I can pack it without forgetting! It’s also important to keep copies of your travel documents like your passport, drivers license, and itinerary with you in case yours are lost or stolen. Its also smart to leave copies of these with a loved one at home.

The biggest tip is spending some time planning and preparing so you’re not caught off guard so far away from home!

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