What I’m Loving: October

This October is a very exciting month for me! I started the month by running the Twin Cities marathon, and then I will spend the second half of the month on an overseas trip for work. I’m a little bummed about missing my favorite weather of the year (but also not sad I won’t be stuck cleaning up the leaves in my yard– sorry mom and dad!).

Since I’ll be missing my favorite time of year, I decided to round up everything fall and cozy that I’m loving right now to share with y’all.

What I'm Loving: October | Style & the Suburbs

I stumbled upon this hair tutorial by Alex Gaboury and love it. It’s so chic and I love how it looks with the cozy sweater. Her blog is filled with other really great tutorials! I’m usually terrible at these types of things, but she walks you through step by step!

Image via Alex Gaboury

I’m actually pretty pumpkin spiced out when it comes to the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’ve been really into coconut milk chai lately, and just moved from iced to hot fro the fall. But, this slow cooker gingerbread pumpkin latte recipe from Kitchen Treaty looks so amazing. You can also make it with almond milk for a non-dairy option.

Image via Kitchen Treaty

I’ve been trying to get more into reading lately (and less into scrolling on my phone). I’ve been trying to keep a habit of grabbing a book when I want to sit down and rest, instead of just my phone. The book I am currently reading is called The Art of Perception by Amy Herman. Amy came to speak at my work about the value of observation through the study of art and the book has little activities to test yourself to see how much you actually pay attention. Spoiler: I don’t!

Image via Weheartit

I picked up this sweater a few months ago at J. Crew and it is my new fall favorite. I love buying sweaters like these in a few sizes larger than my normal size so that they are extra cozy and pair with leggings. I highly recommend at least one oversized cozy sweater in your wardrobe!

Image via J. Crew

I’ve already written about my fall decor this year, but I stumbled across this really pretty image and loved how simple it was. It celebrates fall color with an actual leaf! In the spirit of actually paying attention, I feel like this is just so pretty to look at and want to recreate in my home.

Image via @monicahart1 Instagram


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