Healthy Snacks for Air Travel

I try to stick to a (mostly) healthy diet, but it is very hard to stick to when you are traveling. Sometimes you don’t know when or where your next meal will be, so you eat what you can, when you can! Or you get so hungry by the time you do eat, that you end up making not so great choices.

During travel, just like in my regular life, I try to eat healthy foods frequently throughout the day. This not only keeps my energy up, but helps me stay full on healthy foods instead of grabbing a sugary snack. When you are traveling overseas or on a longer trip, it can be hard to pack food, but I’ve found a few staples that really help!

Fruit: Fruit can be really hard to pack and store or bring into foreign countries. But I try to at least bring a banana and an orange with me on the plane. They’re easy to pack and are a better alternative than airplane snacks. They also help keep your body healthy!

Nut Butters: One of my staples is single serve peanut butters and nut butters. They are high in protein when you need something that will fill you up! The single serve packets make it really easy to throw in your bag on the run, and you can buy different varieties so you don’t get sick of it.

Protein Bars: Protein bars are another great packable way to keep you full. Again, they are high in calories, but if your goal is to not be hangry, they are a great option. I personally love Kind Bars, but usually buy a couple of different kinds for variety.

Trail Mix: I don’t usually eat a ton of trail mix because I can polish off the entire bag in about 2 minutes. But, when you’ve had a long day and just need a little taste of home, it’s nice to have a little treat! You could also make your own trail mix to control the ingredients, but I find it easier just to buy a bag and throw it in my suitcase!

Beef Sticks: I’m a vegetarian, so this doesn’t work for me, but I know many people who love beef sticks or other dried meat as another source of easy protein!

Nuun Tablets: I drink a lot of Nuun during my marathon training, but it is also great for travel. It’s good to make sure you are getting electrolytes and drinking enough water! They also have options that are just vitamins and some have caffeine! The sport flavors do have sodium, so I try not to consume a lot of it unless I am sweating a lot.

Some other ideas that I see out there are squeezable applesauces, fruit strips, or dried fruit, but those all have a lot of sugar without a lot of protein to actually keep you full. For me, it’s more about staying full!

Do you have any favorite snacks for travel? Comment below!


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