How To Meal Prep with Hello Fresh

A few weeks ago, I shared my review of hello fresh meal service. The service fit pretty well with my lifestyle and (lack of) cooking abilities, and I have continued the subscription. Right now, I have been doing every-other week deliveries of 2 meals. Because the servings are so large, I end up with 4 dinners from each meal, so it usually lasts me about 2 weeks of work night meals.

If I don’t love what the options are for a week, I just skip that week and wait until the next. It’s really nice to be able to skip whenever you want without being charged! I have also found that the ingredients last until the next week in the fridge, so if I don’t use a meal one week, its fine the next!

I’ve also begun “prepping” the meals on Sunday nights, so that they are ready to go for dinners during the week. Between work and marathon training, I like to make dinners as quick as possible to prepare since I don’t have an hour to cook every night. I’ve been preparing the hello fresh meals ahead of time, and found a few tips and tricks to keep them fresh for the week ahead!

The first tip is to read the entire recipe ahead of time and plan how you will adjust. Hello fresh recipes can be a little confusing by having multiple actions in one step, so it’s helpful to understand what exactly they want you to do before jumping in.

The key to making the meals ahead of time is to keep the different ingredients separate until you are ready to eat them. For example, I’ll make the rice and put it in one container. I’ll prepare the protein and put in another. And any veggies and toppings get prepared and go in their own. Any time that I can keep sauces or dressings separate, I do, in order to keep things from being soggy. As I noted above, the recipes will have you combining things at different stages, so you have to plan where you will adjust.

How To Meal Prep with Hello Fresh | Style & the Suburbs

You will also need plenty of storage containers in a variety of sizes to keep each component separate. I really like glass containers because they don’t get stained or hold flavors like plastic ones can. I can use up to 4 containers to store one recipe. I also let the ingredients sit for a few minutes after putting in the containers to let the steam evaporate, instead of trapping all of the moisture in the containers.

When it’s time to eat the meal, I take portions of each, combine, and microwave. I’ve found a lot of the meals reheat really well! Then you just add any final toppings like you would normally. I’ve found that it saves me a lot of time to have everything ready to go on week nights!

If you haven’t tried hello fresh, use code BN9Z9M for $40 off your first shipment!

Do you meal prep dinners for the week? I’d love to know any tips and tricks you have!

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