26 Pieces of Advice for Marathon Training

After training for 3 marathons, I finally feel like I know the right way to train to help set myself up for a successful race day. From just hoping I could finish my first marathon, to overtraining and ending up injured for my second, it took a third time in order to train smart and set myself up for success.

There is so much running advice out there, from people who should and people who shouldn’t be giving it. The most important thing to remember is to know yourself. Know when to push yourself into the uncomfortable places, but also know when to call it when your body isn’t feeling right. Remember at the end of the day, it all comes down to your body running!

There is only so much you can actually control during your training and on race day, but these 26 things are important to keep in mind throughout the process.


  1. Training to run 26.2 miles is a huge time commitment.
  2. Running at sunrise can be really peaceful.
  3. Rest days are so important for recovery and mental breaks.
  4. Strength training is key to preventing injuries and should be done on hard run days in order to let you recover on rest days.
  5. Having a custom plan or at least knowing your goal paces will help you from over training.
  6. Yoga is a great way to loosen up your body.
  7. You can run without music.
  8. You can run in the rain, it’s a better experience with a hat.
  9. Long runs are just as important for your mental strength.
  10. You’ll go through lots of pairs of shoes.
  11. If you’re feeling lots of sudden aches and pains, replace your shoes.
  12. Eating well helps your body work better.
  13. Eating enough helps your body work better.
  14. Finding fuel that doesn’t upset your stomach is important and not impossible.
  15. An extra day of recovery is going to do less damage than weeks off of running to recover from an injury.
  16. Positive self talk matters, even if your run doesn’t feel great.
  17. Changing up running routes can help keep things fresh.
  18. Running with a friend is a great change of pace.
  19. Running slow on easy days seems hard at first, but you will grow to appreciate it.
  20. Preparing all of your running gear makes morning runs easier.
  21. Running in hot and humid temperatures will make you stronger.
  22. Never compare yourself to other runners on social media, because you are completely different than them.
  23. Reward yourself with a treat after long runs.
  24. Be flexible in your training, but don’t cheat yourself from what you committed to.
  25. Remember all of your hard work when you get race day nerves- the race is a 26.2 mile celebration of your training!
  26. No matter the outcome, wearing your marathon finisher shirt is worth all of the hard work.

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