Easy Sunday Routine for a Successful Week 

My Sunday routine is one of the most important parts of the week. I like to ensure everything is prepared for the week ahead to reduce my day to day stress. This routine is especially important when work gets busy and when I’m in the peak of marathon training!

Saving a few minutes here and there throughout the week means getting to work earlier, being able to get home and get to my workout sooner, and getting to bed at a decent hour! Here is what I do almost every Sunday to help myself out during the week:Meal Prepping: Prepping meals is so important to ensure you’re eating decently and saving money instead of having to grab breakfast at Starbucks every day. I prep breakfasts, lunches, and I’ve even started preparing dinners with my Hello Fresh shipments. It’s so nice to be able to grab my breakfast and head out the door to work, instead of trying (and forgetting) to pack something at 6am. I’ve also found it helpful to have dinners prepped so when I get home from work and I’m starving, it’s easy to just reheat and eat!

Easy Sunday Routine for a Successful Week  | Style & the Suburbs

Planning Outfits: Each Sunday I lay out what I will wear for the week. Sometimes I change my mind, but it’s helpful to have outfits already planned. If things need to be ironed, I do that too. I even lay out socks and undergarments as needed! This saves a ton of time in the morning, and helps me look pulled together at work. 

Easy Sunday Routine for a Successful Week  | Style & the Suburbs

Prepping For Workouts: With marathon training, I run almost every single day. Sometimes I sneak in runs before work, but most are after. I’ve found it helpful to lay out everything for morning runs, but it also is nice to have things pulled together for evening runs too. Each Sunday, I lay out shorts, sports bras, tanks, and sock bundles so I can just grab one and go! The less excuses to delay my run, the better.

Easy Sunday Routine for a Successful Week  | Style & the Suburbs

Packing My Work Bag: On Sundays and each work night, I make sure my work bag is packed with my laptop, anything that needs to be mailed, a snack or two.. Maybe I just suck at being pulled together in the morning, but if things aren’t right in front of me when I leave for work, I’ll forget ALL of it!!

Laundry and cleaning: I also try to have my house in a clean state and be caught up on laundry over the weekend. It helps create a sense of things being pulled together when small chores are done. I tend to feel more stressed in a messy or cluttered environment, so having things put away adds a little more calm to the work week.

I might be extreme in my Sunday prep, but if you struggle having things together during the work week, I suggest trying one or two of these steps!

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