My Fall Home Decor

By the end of August, I am always so excited to start putting out my fall decor. I pretend to have an excuse to decorate so early so that I can take photos for my blog, but I would probably do it at the same time regardless of the blog. It’s just fun to refresh things and know that change is coming!

I’m not totally happy with the decor and I think that I need to add a few pieces. I try to be really intentional when shopping for decor these days, so that I don’t end up with a ton of stuff that I never use. Now that I have the spaces set, it’s easier to plan just where I need to add a few things. Right now I’m thinking that I need a little something more around the fireplace and some more fall colored textiles for the dining table and in the living room. I’ll keep y’all updated with what I find!

Keep scrolling to see my decor below!

Porch: I like to keep my porch really simple and clean. I switched out a more summer colored wreath with a beautiful dried purple thistle, and changed out the pillow to this pretty Hearth and Hand with Magnolia one!

My Fall Home Decor | Style & the Suburbs

Kitchen: Since my kitchen has such a strong color theme to begin with, I added a few subtle pops of orange with the ceramic pumpkin and wreath. This is one of the places that I feel like I need just a little something else, but haven’t found it just yet!

My Fall Home Decor | Style & the SuburbsMy Fall Home Decor | Style & the Suburbs

Living Room: The fireplace is where I do most of my seasonal decorating. I went for a white and amber look this year and really love the color pallete. I feel like I could find a little more overt fall looking things to jazz it up a little, so that is also on my shopping list!

My table is actually the same decor that I already had out, but I feel like the simple plaid is nice. The vase feels a little summer, so I’m planning on switching that out as well.

My Fall Home Decor | Style & the SuburbsMy Fall Home Decor | Style & the Suburbs

When do you decorate for fall? What are some of your favorite fall pieces?


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