Fun Summer Manicures to Copy Now

Summer is the perfect time to try out fun manicures. I love always having a fun pop of color on my nails, but I’m always inspired by more fancy looks! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite inspiration to try out this summer!

  1. Matte nude: you can never go wrong with a nude nail, but I love this matte look for a fresh look.
Image via Charlotte Russe

2. Black geo tips: This look is an easy way to style up a simple color, and I love how the asymmetrical lines give it a modern twist.  

Image via Elite Nails Design

3. Layered geo: This look may be best for the more advanced nail artist, but it’s such a cool look that it’s worth a try!

Image via Pinterest

4. Multi Mermaid: I love this aqua color and the combination of white accent nails. Perfect for a beachy summer look!

Image via My Rings and Things Etsy

5. Pop accent nail: This is a cute subtle color combo, but brings a little fun with the one accent nail. You could get creative and do this in almost any combo or design!

Image via Larevuedekathleen

6. Subtle stripes: If you’re not a talented nail artist (aka me), these subtle stripes are an easy way to add a fun pop and make it look like you are far more talented at nail art than you need to be!

Image via Pinterest

7. Muted Rainbow: I love this multi-color look that looks a little more mature with the sophisticated muted colors.

Image via @buzz_nails instagram

Which styles are you loving the most?



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