Behind the Scenes at Style & the Suburbs

I feel like I share a lot of my life with you all, but I’ve never really gone behind the scenes of my blog and shared how it all started and where the content comes from. So, I thought it would be fun to share a little behind the scenes tour behind the blog! 


How I Started:

This blog actually started as my portfolio website after I graduated from fashion design school. I created the website to share images of my work and to share my design process. After I started my big girl job and bought a house, my priorities shifted and I wanted to start capturing the home projects that I was working on.

Behind the Scenes at Style & the Suburbs
My First Collection

I stopped blogging a few years ago and the page sat empty for a long time! But I got a kick again a year or so ago and wanted to start again.

Where I Write My Posts:

I write my posts anywhere and everywhere inspiration hits. It’s actually really hard to just sit down and write a post for the sake of writing a post, and those posts usually end up in the trash. I write a lot posts in the notes app on my phone or in my email drafts. Once I’ve gotten it down, I go into my wordpress page to clean up the writing, format, add links, and photos.

I write and schedule posts in advance so that I always have content ready. I usually try to post twice a week, and it actually takes a lot of work to get the posts ready.

How I Get Inspired:

Post inspiration comes from all sorts of places. When I’m working on a project or trying to create a recipe, I’m sure to document it all. Some of them turn out, some don’t, but it’s better to have it documented.

I collect a lot of ideas on Pinterest and in the “save” feature on Instagram. Sometimes I’ll be having a conversation with a friend and something will hit me as a good idea for a post. I thought of the idea for this post in the shower! I always try to think it out a little and jot it down as soon as possible so I don’t lose the idea.

Sometimes I struggle to know if posts fit the ‘theme’ of my blog, which covers everything from home decor, to fashion, to wellness, and running. But I know that my unique voice is what I bring to this blog, so I just try to write about my life and what interests me! I hope that y’all like this about my blog!

What I Do After I Post:

After I post, I take a few steps to promote the post. I add the visuals and header images to Pinterest which helps connect people searching for topics to my blog. I do a lot of promotion on Instagram— I create a story series for each post directing my followers to my blog. I also try to craft a successful Instagram post to promote my blog posts. My recipe for Instagram posts is obviously a good photo, but also a compelling caption that explains and engages people to the content.

All of this actually takes a really long time, so I try to work ahead of time as much as I can. I make Instagram drafts and write copy when I have time so that they’re ready to post at the time my posts are published. It’s all in the preparation!!

I love interacting with people with similar interests and following new accounts! If you have any questions or things you’d love to know, comment below!

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