10 Easy Meal Preps For the Non-Cook

I’m pretty sure you all already know this, but I’m a terrible cook. I’ve tried to get better, but it’s something I’ll probably never be great at. I have made a lot of progress in meal prepping my lunches for the work week, and making meals that I will actually eat, instead of leaving in the fridge while I buy something instead.

I try to keep a list of meal ideas to change it up each week. The key to me is that they are simple, filling, and include some good-for you protein and veggies. I thought I would round up some of my favorite lunch ideas for you guys so that you have no excuses not to prep this week!

Veggie Pinwheels: I have my own variation of this. My only note is that these don’t keep super well for more than a few days (the tortilla starts to get soggy).

Image via The Every Girl

Veggie and Hummus Bistro Box: This is my go-to when I don’t feel like spending a lot of time prepping. I love individual cups of hummus for easy grab and go!

Image via @Bentobabee Instagram

Copycat Starbucks Protein Bistro Box: I love treating myself to the Starbucks protein bistro box, but it’s easy and much cheaper to make on your own.

Image via Good Cheap Eats

Veggie Bagel Sandwich: A classic lunch staple, but filled with lots of veggies!

Image via The Every Girl

Vegan Lunch Bowl: If you haven’t noticed, I am a vegetarian, so most of these options have plant based protein. This vegan lunch bowl would take a little bit of prep, but looks delicious!

Image via  Julie West

Adult Pizza Lunchables: All the fun without the tomato sauce squeezing from a packet. You also get almonds instead of a candy bar. Being an adult is hard.

Image via Damn Delicious

Chips and Guac: Another adult lunchable take! Might need a little extra guac though..

Image via Pinterest

Make Ahead Cold Pasta: This lunch might take a little extra prep time but could be packed for the whole week!

Image via Kitchn

Breakfast Inspired Boxes: Everyone loves breakfast food, so why not make a lunch out of it?

Image via Buzzfeed

PB&J: If all else fails, you can whip up a quick PB&J. Pack with fruits and veggies for an adult twist on this classic!

Image via Damn Delicious

What meal preps are you excited to try this week?!

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