Shoe Storage Makeover

I recently shared my mini makeover in my blogger home office. I use this room to store a lot of my closet, especially my shoe collection. I used to dream of being able to afford designer shoes long before I ever went to fashion design school, and to me, they represent how hard I have worked in my career!

When I first moved into my house, I found a bookcase on the side of the road that I loaded into my car and used to store my shoes and purses. As I’ve finally grown up a little bit and can actually afford furniture, I wanted to get the monstrosity out of the room and replace it with something a little nicer.

Blogger Office Mini Makeover | Style & the Suburbs

My inspiration for the space was cleaner shelving and to add a round mirror. I’ve been obsessed with round mirrors lately and feel like it would really elevate the space. The mirror I currently have in the space was also a curbside find that I painted. If you’re someone just starting out and don’t have a lot of money to spend on furniture like I was when I bought my house, there is so much you can do with found or repurposed things to still create an amazing space!


Image via Decor Pad
Image via @Organizing_Pro

I had to decide if I wanted to install shelves directly into my wall, or if I wanted to get another furniture piece. To add to the complexity, I inherited my grandma’s vintage china cabinet that I also wanted to bring into the space. I decided against installing shelves into the walls because they were surprisingly expensive, and I don’t like the idea of being that commited to the shelving unit.

I ended up finding a minimal smaller bookcase on clearance at Target (even though I can afford more now, your girl still likes a deal!). I liked that the bookcase was sleek and more open looking. There was a backer piece to add to one of the shelves, but I left it off to keep it more open looking.

This bookcase is much smaller than what I had before, so I had to do a little Marie Kondo-ing and take out a few pairs that I really don’t need anymore and should just sell. The rest bring me joy so it’s fine.

It was really hard to find a round mirror at a reasonable price! I don’t know why they’re so expensive, but I hate paying full price for anything, so I patiently waited and kept checking the clearance endcaps of my local Target until I found one for 50% off. It’s a gorgeous rose gold color which is totally amazing for the space.

Shoe Storage Makeover | Style & the Suburbs

It took a little bit of work to get the layout of the space right. I always end up sending diagrams to my friend Renee who lives across the country to get a second opinion on how things should go!

Shoe Storage Makeover | Style & the Suburbs

I absolutely love how much more open the space feels, even with adding the china cabinet. I also love the mix of old + new, which is a big part of my personal style. Sometimes you just need a little refresh to make a space feel new again!

Shoe Storage Makeover | Style & the Suburbs2

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