Kitchen Remodel: Favorite Details

Looking back on my kitchen remodel, there are some pieces of the project that surprised me with how well they turned out. We did majority of the work ourselves, and with little experience in some of the projects, it’s always a little scary whether they will turn out or not!

In fact, the only part of the kitchen that I am not totally happy with is the seam in the counter top (shout out to Home Depot installers). They didn’t fully fill in the seam crack and im STILL fighting with them to fix it.

Other than that, here are some of my favorite details of the project!

Subway tile backsplash:

We were originally going to hire this out, but thought we could figure it out on our own. The tiles are so cheap that if you mess a few up, it’s not that big of a deal! Some of the detail cuts were tricky, but it turned out literally perfect, and I’m so happy with the layout. You can read my full tutorial here!

Kitchen Remodel: Favorite Details | Style & the Suburbs

New drawers and drawer pulls:

I still can’t believe we were able to build a drawer bank and blend it into the existing cupboards. I tried to find a contractor who would do this, and none of them thought it could be done. Because the drawers were added, I needed to find new handles so that I had enough. I ordered literally 6 different sets, and hated them all, until I found these! I love that I was able to keep the original pulls on the cupboard doors.

Kitchen Remodel: Favorite Details | Style & the Suburbs

Kitchen Remodel: Favorite Details | Style & the Suburbs

Hot Pink Rug:

I was so excited about this rug, but wasn’t totally sure about it once I put it in my kitchen. I questioned whether it felt “right” for the style of the space. But then I realized it is so me, and this is my kitchen, and that makes it right for the space. You don’t want your home to look like a carbon copy of something you see online, and its important to add a little personality!

Kitchen Remodel: Favorite Details | Style & the Subrubs

Vintage fan:

This kitchen exhaust fan is original to my house, and my dad was able to restore it for me. It works great and looks so cool as an anchor to my mid-century kitchen style.

Kitchen Remodel: Favorite Details | Style & the Suburbs

Granite sink:

I don’t love the look of undermount sinks, but every contractor and sales person I talked to acted like I was crazy for not putting one in with my counter tops. I think they look silly and they are actually a nightmare to try to take out if you ever want to change it. I found this sleek, matte granite sink instead, and I am so happy with how it looks.


Mini Vases:

I found this collection of mini-vases at Target and thought the colors and aesthetic were perfect for the little shelves in my kitchen! I love how they coordinate but are each a little different. I also found some bigger matching ones to use across the kitchen! I do still have 2 empty shelves– I feel like 2 more vases might be too many? I’m still trying to figure out what I would like to put there!

Kitchen Remodel: Favorite Details | Style & the Suburbs

I love how I was able to blend old and new in my kitchen and keep the retro look that was preserved for so long. If you’re thinking of redoing a kitchen, I would encourage you to think about the character your kitchen already has and work to keep it! You don’t always have to copy and paste what’s popular into your home.

Read how exactly we rebuilt the cupboards here!

See all my before and afters here!


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