Rent the Runway March Shipment Review

Last month, I re-subscribed to the Rent the Runway monthly update. Our Minnesota winter has gone on far too long, and I’ve exhausted my winter wardrobe. Instead of investing in more sweaters and jackets, I thought it would be cheaper (and more fun) to get back on Rent the Runway.

As I reviewed before, I’m torn between really liking the subscription but also just wanting to buy my own clothes. I have so many summer skirts and dresses, so I will probably stop once the weather gets warm enough to wear them. For now, it’s nice to have access to more cold-weather options!

I ordered 2 dresses, a sweater jacket, and a sleeveless jacket. When my received my order, I was really disappointed with the sweater jacket. The fabric was really pilly and worn looking. I understand that the garments are cleaned between each use and that can be really hard on the clothes, but the point of paying so much each month is to have nice, quality things to wear. I expressed my disappointment, and Rent the Runway didn’t seem thrilled, but the let me send it back for something else. This is definitely something I plan to pay attention to in future months, because the subscription is a treat to myself and I feel like I shouldn’t have to get ratty, used looking garments and have it be a battle to return them.


My favorite piece from this month was the Jason Wu plaid dress. It was a perfect transition for the cold spring weather and the fabric was beautiful.


The DVF wrap dress was okay, but the skirt was SO short. (And when I say something is short, it really is short!).

Rent the Runway March Review | Style & the Suburbs

The sleeveless coat was fun, but a little difficult to wear with how cold it was outside. I felt like I couldn’t wear another coat over it, so I was just cold when I went outside to my car!

Rent the Runway March Review | Style & the Suburbs

When I ordered a replacement sweater coat for the pilly sweater, it somehow got dropped from the order and the next day, I had to choose something else. Rent the Runway also didn’t notify me of this, so I’m glad I caught it. I ended up with an amazing wool sweater jacket instead, but only had a week to wear it before it had to go back. This month has kind of been a customer service disaster for them, so I’m hoping I have a better experience next month.

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